Force to play insurgents??? WTF???

Your improvements are always exciting and welcomed but what the hell?!?!?!?!?! We are now force to play as an insurgent?? This has to be changed in the next patch ASAP or I am done with Insurgency Sandstorm.. I can't believe that two days after 9/11 you force people to not only change the faction they love to play but to also make them play a faction who immolate the terrorist that killed thousands of innocent Americans. Americans who have paid millions of there dollars to own your game.. Change this or you will be shit to me and many other non radicalized Muslims. Do fucking better!!!!!

they're insurgents, not terrorists, there is not a clear bad/good faction.

If the insurgents in-game immolate the 9/11 terrorists, like they do the security, then you should be happy for them.

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its a game with suicide bombers, pretty stereotypical voicelines, gore, and it shows the horrors of war. OUT OF ALL OF THAT YOU DECIDE TO COMPLAIN ABOUT THE MAIN PART OF THE GAME THAT WAS INTENTIONALLY DESIGNED LIKE THAT? if your offended by this than why the fuck did you buy this game? if you are just some random person that has never played this game or even a video game and just made an account to be an asshole and invoke political discussions and arguments so the community will be split up for your pleasure than go fuck yourself. Not everyone in this world wants to get involved in your world politics of whats offensive. Enjoy what you have, don't try to fucken start a war for your own amusement if thats what your doing, and don't be surprised when the main part of a game that was intentionally designed like that is offending you because you found it while looking up porn.

actually no. you are just some middle aged person who is trying to start up shit just for your own amusement. Go fuck yourself and complain about 911 memes instead because 4chan would love to hear you bitch about pointless shit. don't try to deny that you didn't make an account, pretend to play the game just so you can call the devs pieces of shits without understanding what the fuck is going on

I've closed this thread because it is against our forum rules. Keep in mind that Insurgents don't equate with terrorists.