Add-ons and cockpit camera

So I added a hi-lift jack to the hood of my JK, and it is where it should be from external views.

When I switch to the cockpit view, however, the jack appears to be hovering in front of the vehicle instead of mounted to the hood like it should be.

Is this just a thing with the cockpit camera, or is there a way to "put it where it's supposed to be" in both views?

Thats because of how the cockpit view works, I had the same problem but with the new update it was fixed, ignitions in the cockpit (on switches for example) didnt work either before the update, but they do after the new update.

Thanks, guess I'm backing up and verifying, then reloading configs and stuff after all.

Game's now showing correct version number, jack appears properly positioned in both exterior and cockpit views, the fancy "out the window rearview" camera, and "Mudrunner Plus" 1.6.8a all working flawlessly now! Thanks @wrangmog !

@Mexican_420 no problem, thats why there is a forum;)

@mexican_420 another fix is to add a mesh like a cdt parented to tree dead bone named _cockpit. Any add-on outside this box will be seen in the interior camera.

@drgonzo1489 Thanks Didn't Knew that one, Im always adding rollcage as addons