Same Spintires, same problems!

Guys this has to stop! Stop recycling games!
You would expect a few improvements from a "new game"

Problems found in 10 minutes of gameplay :

•Log textures remain and look like 256p (washed out and awful just like in original Spintires, but hey who cares right? they are not really that important in the game)
•Dashboard of the trucks look like they belong in the Unturned zombie game

Welcome to 2002

•Washed out grey (FOG?) everywhere
•No mouse or gamepad sensitivity settings
•Same awful camera
•Unintuitive gamepad controls
•Gamepad and mouse/keyboard button prompts switching for no reason while only using a gamepad.
•Mouse cursor appearing randomly onscreen when using controller for no reason.

I really feel like developers don't play their games anymore and you guys rely on the modding community and community in general to fix your mistakes while you rake in the cash.


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well everyone has their opinion.

tell you what, how about you go back into your game and look into the settings first of all. you can change the sensitivity, 2 camera types now, controller switching go back to the control type once you use it (ie using a controller, hit the key board and hit the controller again switches between), mouse appearing randomly, it goes away and hardly distracting considering the rest of the HUD also. unintuitive controls? they have updated this and it can be updated even more. fog? everywhere. you can change that to a certain extent in the settings as well.
dash and logs textures not good enough. ok, but how about giving them time to look into it this while they try to get more important things done.
this is not Oovee, but a new company trying to get the game to where it should be which takes time. people these days have no patience. they (focus) are not being money grabbers, no more than any other company selling a product they are trying to maker money on. the community fixed the mistakes on the modded side of the game, focus is not responsible for what "WE" do to OUR" game. seriously, people need to work with them and report things if they are having issues with the stock game, not just sit around complaining about it.

of course this all is just "MY" opinion as well.

@8up-local said in Same Spintires, same problems!:

dash and logs textures not good enough. ok, but how about giving them time to look into it this while they try to get more important things done.

Man it's a game about carring logs (logs looking like they are from a game released in 2000) ☺ :

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@rottendub seriously then mod your files till they get around to it, if you do not like it. editing files are easier than people think, just a matter of messing with them to figure out at first. plenty of people around to help also if needed. otherwise we just have to give it time for them to address these things. just saying constructive suggestions and opinions on the game go better overall then complaining. just enough people in the community getting behind things are what dictate the priorities i image. heck i have reported a bug on day of release and it has still yet to be addressed, but then again i am the only one who seems to care about this feature being broken. so, hardly something to be held priority since only one person is concerned, even though it has affected "my" gameplay. till they get around to addressing it i can only wait or try and fix it myself.

i do not blame you for wanting better things in and for the game, i would like to these kinds of things as well. just you could have done it in a better way imo.

So what you are saying : "Main focus of the game and a major feature is bad/very broken/very bad" why not fix it yourself, see it's easy ... be constructive.

Sorry but it's been a trend for a lot of years with EA games, alpha/betas etc, and honestly i am tired of it.
You pay for a game to test bugs and fix it and report to devs, no no friend, developers forgot that you had to pay alpha and beta testers, not the other way around. You pay for a game to play it, not to provide feedback for their product and not to fix it. So what if its a "new game" didn't they play the game, didn't they see those 3 textures?

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It seems to me that the author of the game (Pavel) is not particularly interested in further developing the game. He wrote here in this forum that he is already happy with the current form of the game, that he often plays MR and likes it. The game is just as he wanted it to be, generally easy game, ideal for playing for a dozen or so minutes to relax, and nothing more.

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For what it's worth, I can understand both perspectives here however I lean towards @RottenDub 's point. As a example, back in the day I was running NASCAR '98 on (for it's day) very high-end hardware and was having issues with it. I emailed Papyrus Software about the problem and within a week they had snail-mailed me a 3.5" floppy with a patch specific to my issue! Aside from the issues caused by my hardware being so new, the game ran beautifully with no other issues. The longer I'm involved with video games in general terms, the worse the situation seems to get. Gone are the days when QA was even a thing and the companies would release thoroughly tested and bugchecked software, now they just shove any old broken ass buggy incomplete garbage out because they figure they can just patch the bejeesus out of it after the fact. When AAA titles were $30-$50 but they worked as advertised and it was great, but now a given triple-A game can run over the $100 mark and sadly it's either some regurgitated copy of the previous year's title or a buggy unstable mess that never should've made it out of the beta stage. Look at Arkham Knight for PC; literally so broken that the majority of people who paid FULL RETAIL PRICE couldn't even start the game let alone play it. Rocksteady, no joke, gave up on it. No refunds, no patches, no fix, nothing. That kind of shenanigans would have killed a company outright back in my day, by the time the class action lawsuit was over, but guess who's still in business? EA is guilty of it to the point where they don't even care that they've been rated as the absolute WORST company in gaming several years running! But, I digress... I can't say I honestly expected Mudrunner to be anything more than Spintires version 1.5, but having a company like Focus/Saber backing this iteration did give me a twinkle of hope which is rapidly fading...
While I have a TON of respect and praise for the modding community for coming together to help each other get the most out of what we have to work with, I agree that it should absolutely NOT fall to said community to fix stupid problems that should not exist to begin with. A beta for the DLC that's already been officially released? Logically that should have been done PRIOR to releasing the DLC! That's just a no-brainer and if it wasn't for the fact that I'm not personally having any problems, I'd be mighty pissed off too...

I'm not trying to be snarky even if that was my tone.

Let me rephrase it.

  1. New company got the game and license.

  2. As you would expect they will look at it and test it even for a little bit with different hardware.
    How can you not see the logs textures. A player will look at those logs for 50% of the gameplay (sometimes taking half of the screen) assuming the rest of 50% is exploring maps and unlocking garages, be it the short, medium, or especially the long ones since the camera/game requires you to check for angles when going on some ruff patches of road/creek etc.

3.You would think someone would say something like " We can't have our playerbase look at those 256p logs for half of their time spent in game if we want this game to be successful, let's get one of our artists to scale, fix or redesign them it should even take that long. Problem solved, more money for us and good reputation for our company.

*There are some jokes about 4k tree bark in Skyrim, but if all you did in the said game was carrying that bark from point A to point B you would expect that bark to look decent, correct?

Game should've been looked upon for a little more time before release.

To answer the prior message. Yes i will mod the game and fix the things that bother me at some point, but that's because i know how, i enjoy modding and been doing it for many years, your average person would just get a refund and i'm not a genius with math but that's money lost.

I do hope the game gets another hard look from the new devs an get a little bit of love from them, because this could be a great game.

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I do think logs don't look too impressive, but also that you're grossly overestimating the significance of that. Dashboards, however, should really be better. Vehicle exteriors look so good in contrast.

That being said, I have more faith in Focus supporting this game. I don't know what happened with Oovee and we'll probably never know the truth, but Focus should have more resources at their disposal, at the very least.

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