Moments in the Mud

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A few more pictures from my map. I hope that you like scenery 🙂

Looking great man. How is the overall progress?

@alpscruiser Well, lets say that there are places finished, and some those are still just in sketches.
Then there is still that issue with "make that place looks like a forest not like a grassy knoll with placed trees"
Overall, 75% hopefully 😃
I'll put more pics in here later...

I always had an issue with scale, that base seems to be HUGE. But too late, I have to live with that 😃
0_1555275554500_20190414224948_1.jpg 0_1555275560415_20190414225159_1.jpg 0_1555275562708_20190414225245_1.jpg 0_1555275564504_20190414225329_1.jpg 0_1555275566366_20190414225609_1.jpg

figured i would post something from a different angle lol

not bad. looks like they spent some time touching up the undersides. the moving faux steering links are a nice touch btw.
alt text

alt text

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@dvoryaninoff So should I remove most of those poctures and tell you to wait until my birthday to see more? 😂

Not exactly for long logs hauling it seems...
0_1555864003866_20190421182350_1.jpg 0_1555864009556_20190421182420_1.jpg 0_1555864014122_20190421175200_1.jpg 0_1555864018498_20190421175256_1.jpg
Consider it as an additional challenge 😃

UPS!!!! I hope the boss did not see that

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I know that this might be difficult, but try it!
If you look very very closely and carefully, you can spot a ditched truck still loaded with mid-logs 🙂

@sodoma very nice 😘

a person can find themselves in quite the "puckering" moments sometimes. lol

...and yes i drove it out if wondering. 😁
alt text

@8up-local Haven't I seen this already? 😉

EDIT: Of course I did!
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Because I've already stolen this topic for personal advertaising ( 😊 ) I'll put some last pieces in here as well.
Grab the map and go mental 🙂
0_1556463294819_20190428162851_1.jpg 0_1556463302881_20190428162426_1.jpg

Since the official side is not delivering AT ALL, on smuggling bank is a traffic jam, a bit...
0_1556728236773_20190501170838_1.jpg 0_1556728241645_20190501170900_1.jpg 0_1556728244230_20190501170935_1.jpg 0_1556728246607_20190501171800_1.jpg 0_1556728248148_20190501175242_1.jpg 0_1556728251173_20190501180544_1.jpg

...and one sunrise... 🙂