Force feedback problem

The force feedback is totally broken, i use a g27

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Hi there,

We're currently aware of a force feedback issue that we're working on fixing.

Acusing the same error on G25 logitech wheel.

As far as my testing goes, the broken thing is the centering wheel force. Seems to be the only "readable" status of the steering wheel by the game. If you lower the centering force, you get around close the aspect of the earlier version of the game, but without surface interaction.

Hope it helps.

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@xarups Go to menu, controls, and without changing anything, just turn your wheel both sides, lock to lock. Centering force should died out and back in game FFB will work.
Its is just workaround, but it helps...

I see...

There's any update or expected date to have this fixed?

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We're looking into it, but we don't have an expected date at this time.

Thanks for the workaround to make the forcefeedback appear again.

I was trying to mess with my Logitech Profiler to figure out my preferred settings for my G27 and was wondering why I kept getting nothing.

On the subject; Is there official recommended Logitech Profiler settings? Like the Specific Game Settings sliders and check boxes? Center spring strength and all that stuff. A description, screenshot or link would be appreciated. Thanks!

Will this "work around" also make the FFB come back on for the G920 on the Xbox One? I appreciate that you are trying to find a solution. Thank you!

Community Moderator - Spintires

If you have that wheel, try it and report results in here. Share the knowledge 🙂

@sodoma said in Force feedback problem:

If you have that wheel, try it and report results in here. Share the knowledge 🙂

No, didn't seem to work. Maybe the work around doesn't work on the Xbox? I guess I will wait for the patch.

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