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So I'll just say that I am extremely excited for Sandstorm to come out. I know that no system requirements have been released but I think it's safe to say that this game will not be able to run on my Intel 620 graphics laptop. I'm actually looking to build my first PC pretty much for the sole purpose of playing Sandstorm. Again, I have no clue how demanding this game will be but I'm wondering what i might need to run a game like this at at least medium graphics settings? The current build I'm looking at has a GTX GeForce 1050 Ti (or I might switch that out for a non-ti version and 2GB less version for $150 less) and an AMD Ryzen 3 1200 @3.1GHz. I assume that this will probably be more than enough but I would just like to make sure. Thank you!

Here's the full build: https://pcpartpicker.com/guide/T3Xscf/entry-level-amd-gaming-build

this video might be very helpful for you, it includes an all-around understandable explanation followed by some benchmark of the hardware that you're gonna use
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Well thank you for the video, it really helped. I did end up searching for a RX 560 and actually found one for $20-40 cheaper and it has 4GB of VRAM (most 1050s I find in that price range only have 2GB). So I will probably go with that graphics card; however, in the video, the guy talked about trouble with newer games with these graphics cards—will this be the case with Sandstorm? To be fair, I already run Insurgency on low so I can live with Sandstorm on low and wait to upgrade the graphics card later.

(I agree with the 'most suppression provided award'. Suppression is probably one of the best aspects of the game 😃)

I actually talked with a friend of mine who's selling his old gtx 960 which appears to be a better gpu (and a little bit cheaper) so I'll be buying that.

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a little bit cheaper and better compared to what card?
and GTA V ran quite well on those card, so im pretty sure you can run Sandstorm with a 1050/1050ti/rx 560/gtx 960

It's $10 cheaper and, according to benchmarks, a bit better than the rx 560 I was planning on getting.

nice, just get it 🙂

Unfortunately, this is a horrible time to buy ANY 10-series (Nvidia) or RX4/5/Vega (Radeon) GPU, due to crypto currency massive inflating GPU prices.

Most of the entry level cards are stupidly overpriced - GTX1050 should cost ~100, now they are 150 or even 200 - same for RX4/560.

I suggest those who wish to have a smooth 1080p 60FPS High Experience to grab a Second hand GTX970 or R9 390.
Or if you can live with slightly lower setttings, GTX960, GTX780, GTX780Ti or AMD's R9 380s, R9 290, 280s are all still great options.
These all should handle 1080p medium-high settings very well at a reasonable (ish) price still.

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Hi there!

If you're planning to buy a graphics card for Insurgency: Sandstorm, I would recommend waiting until we announce our recommended specs, as this could mean cards will be cheaper, and you'll have more visibility on what card you will need 🙂

@iyagovos I so wish I could wait, but I can't really. I just built my computer yesterday and all I need now is the graphics card to make sure everything works. I plan on buying the 960 this week from a friend so the cost isn't bad. Do you have any info on when we might be able to expect the recommended specs? Or would we be able to see/ask what the specs were for people who were able to play the alpha? I know I won't mind playing on low graphics since I've done that for all my hours in regular Insurgency (yay Intel HD Graphics 😆 ). If I can run it, I'll be fine and I can always upgrade later. Thank you!

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@cream-cheese We don't actually know what the recommended specs are yet, because that comes later in the development cycle. I think you'll be fine with a 960, however, (though of course I can guarantee anything).

@iyagovos well if you think a 960 should be fine, then that's great! I guess that's the earliest, slightest hint at specs we have then. Thanks for the tips!

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