Wheels resetting to center issue

Hi everyone, I'm facing a problem with my wheels when rescuing to the garage. All four tires move to the center of the truck and they get locked so they can't move, when you hit them with an other truck nothing happens and rescuing is not an option because this causes the problem, here are some screenshot:

2_1528115321334_20180531210606_1.jpg 1_1528115321334_20180531210601_1.jpg 0_1528115321319_20180531210553_1.jpg

NOTE: This came after I made collision axles, before everything was just fine.

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is that a rock pile or pile of truck?

@rufus sorry what do you mean?? What you see is the truck flipped over a thousand times covered in mud because the wheels got locked in the center after rescuing

I believe @Forces had similar or identical problem.

@fearwheels yes I do, we've been testing setups to see if we find a fix to it

in the ridge update he changed something about the "strength" of cranes and anchors, maybe that affects all the constraints? does it also happen when you spawn the vehicle or only on recalling?

@hydrowasul not with spawning but it does with recalling

so i guess it happens when the IKs get reset? you probably could test it with a stock vehicle but there are none that are recallable with an IK chain

@hydrowasul stock vehicles don't have collision axles, do they? And the problem started after adding collision to the axles, before everything was fine.

yes but for example the crane has an IK chain. that's what i meant

I still don't know what causes it and because of that I cant publish my ultra 4 mod... Is it really that hard for the devs to fix this, why change something that worked well.
I hope that I can get an answer or a solution.