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I hope this game bring back my mood to mod again.

Yeah man. You make some badass mods

@Bregel said in Bregel's Garage:

I hope this game bring back my mood to mod again.

Man, I hope so. You are literally my number 1 truck source. Your stuff is the best. I don't know that I play many games without at least ONE of your trucks in it.

You are welcome here. Top notch truck modder. What ever happened to that Suzuki?

This post is deleted!

Good to see that you are back bregel!

I hope you will find your interest at modding 😄
I love the Fj40s!

@bregel said in Bregel's Garage:

I hope this game bring back my mood to mod again.

this would be nice, you make very good mods Bregel. 80vx has been one of my favorites since you released it. it is one of the few mods out there i put on my regular truck list.

man without a lot of your mods the game would be dead .. keep it up hope to see them back in the workshop amazing mods

I hope so too man, the stock FJ40s are the best 4wd in the game. Much respect.

Looking at the leakage video gameplay, and someone already show on how add custom vehicle and the structure of the code. At least for me, there is nothing new, except something that I dont really care about. Really disappointed at this stage.

@bregel What would make it better? We need suggestions and I'm definitely interested in anything that you have to say

You make good mods, only one setback. If you could make the multicolor trucks at least start with a body, and not carry a garage point in them so they wouldn't be "de-framed" when you open a garage. Suggestion, Can you make them as separate trucks? Yellow is always yellow, and only works with yellow wheels and addon, etc. Yes, it's more work, but I was really put off by the fact that I start a game with a naked chassis. Keep creating.

That's not really possible with many of the vehicles he has built. It can be done with trucks that have a separate cab and bed, which is why it's possible with the 70 series, but trucks like the 40 and 80 series LCs don't have a two piece body for most versions.

@trooper425 Well, make them one color only. Breaks immersion the hell out of me... And also, what difference a two-piece or one-piece even make? I'm not asking for combos of different cabins and rear parts. I want to start in a whole truck and not to lose body when I unload garage points...

@SilverDiamond Imagine you have a 70 series Land Cruiser. It doesn't have any special upgrades, so it's just a wagon. Now you want to move fuel around with it. Where does the fuel go? In the back? Do we just take out the seats? How about logs, you can't put logs in the back of a wagon. Do you change it to a troopy? That would involve changing the whole body, which we're trying to avoid. What about a pickup? Same problem. The easiest solution is to keep the frame and the engine, and switch bodies with upgrades. The next best thing is to keep a cab, and change beds to suit the upgrade. Make no mistake, I would love to see tons of different versions of trucks, too. But we need to mix our dreams and reality, and find a happy medium.

@trooper425 I'm well aware of it, but right now we're talking Bregel, where the only difference is the color, and you have garage points in the FRAME. Your argument goes well if there are DIFFERENT types of body. But it's not the case here. And seeing a naked frame, without even... Help me out, I'm Russian, safety frame, hard cage? Really puts me off.

@bregel said in Bregel's Garage:

... for me, there is nothing new, except something that I dont really care about. Really disappointed at this stage.

So this means you will not make any new mods ? or at least convert the old ones ? 😞

I dont play this title (at the moment ) so you know the answer. Making mods and playing with 3d programs is two different hobby for me.


Look what i started to revive! 🙂
1_1511373088583_20171122184141_1.jpg 0_1511373088583_20171122182545_1.jpg

Can i ask you form permission to me ( when i have succes with it??!! ) - to release this your old beauty pls? Of course with FULL CREDITS to you ... ? 😉 Or when i have succes with rameking i can send you all files so you can release it yourself 😉

This post is deleted!

No offense, but you can find these models all over GTA forums.

@roughrider indeed you can.

@skull0fd3ath Can i ask you for help bro? ( You were recomended by Hein to me 😉 )

  • i need to remake this Toyota in 3ds max - connect chassis with body into one model ... because how its made now ( chassis + 3 bodies as addon ) -then when youre driving its glitching on some terrain chassis thru body - and it looks ugly 😕 Can you do it? 😉

@stellyan, This is one of my favorite mods. Dude has the green wheels on the red truck. lol I think it looks way better with the wheels that go with the red textures.

@tattoo The mod is in green color, I changed it to red (well almost :P) the red version the wheels were grey ?

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