Digital Release / Table Top Gaming Release


Like many others I have been keen to see updates for this since the initial mention of it.

I have recently noted that Games WorkShop is also planning to re-release (and update, sadly) the table top gaming version also.

I wondered whether there was any correlation between both the digital and new table top version, e.g. is some of the delay that the community is feeling due to scheduling releases for the update table top game.

Also, are there any indications of whether your digital game will feature the original ruleset/features, or the updated ones coming to the table top?

Thanks in advance.

Keen to see both... it has been too long...

From what I have gathered the delay for information is because they're coding the framework on the game. So there's nothing to look at unless you're a programing junkie and want to look at numbers and spreadsheets. Nothing to do with the Necromunda TT re-release.

I dont think GW will be updating the rule set by any vast stretch !
Necromunda was already pretty robust and simple enough to play an 8-10 skirmish campaign
I cant see them adding anything really different from the original.

@sapien82 they certainly don't NEED to update it too much, but that doesn't mean they'll actually be able to help themselves. While the original Necro might feel slightly clunky by modern standards, the scale of most games means it's not a big deal - and it does provide a wonderful level of detail that the "wargames" (understandably) lack.

@Mekelan Im all for a little bit of artistic license etc , they shouldnt have to change the core gameplay too much . I just hope they can really make it feel alive . The HIVE has so much to offer in terms of different skirmishes etc.

It would be amazing if they even allowed you to have a level editor to build your own skirmish map
although I doubt it will happen.

They're probably going to go with (at least partially) procedurally generated maps though, I have a vague idea about reading something like that in one of the interviews they did at some games con or other a while back - not sure though.

Doesn't mean they couldn't add a level editor if they wish, of course. Personally I'd love to be able to do something with the gang hideout, but I have a feeling that's probably a niche feature on an already niche game, so not likely to happen.

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