Peripheral Support In MudRunner

I tried my old Logitech Driving Force Pro (2005) under windows 10, it works well (tested under Project Cars 2 : works flawlessly).
In game I selected custom settings and it seems to accept and save my settings, but there is no ffb when driving... some time it seems to force a little at middle course steering left or right... but nothing relative to the terrain.

Will you in the future add full ffb support for those old wheels or can I give up hope ?

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So it´s gonna be possible use the g29 with H-Shifter in ps4 with snowrunner ?

So for some reason my T150 wheel isn't working on my PS4. I tried mostly everything and I'm gonna need some help.

@SchuKingR was this ever fixed to use a stand alone shifter im a little up set that my steering wheel and stand alone shifter will not work a t the same time the game wont even recognize that its there

yes i was curious if the game makers are going to add a feature to use a stand alone shifter i didnt want to shift through each gear set up just wanted to have my stand alone H shifter act as a low plus being 1st gear input and 2nd be low negative and so forth but the game will not recognize my logitech shifter as a stand alone device i hav ea thrustmaster tmx pro steering wheel i would of gotten teh shifter for that wheel but its way over priced and always out of stock so i went with a different route thinking it wouldnt be a problem but seeing now im dissapointed that the game wont even see my second device.

some of us sim junkies have many seperate controller devices,such as my attached .Jpg.
This was available in MR as you can see and worked well in game(eventually) with only a few minor unbindables,mainly on an axis assignment using devices with analog Hats,Dpads and Joys.
i certainly hope that something akin to this amount of controller support will eventually become available for SR.
the current state of play is below par regarding this.

the majority of the sim community require these basic features to be included,to even warrant a purchase of driving/flying games.
God Bless.