Gameplay modes

A multitplayer campaign would definetly be quite damn good, because aside from having tons of potential and providing lots of extra hours of playability for the game, it can also help cement a good community around the game. And of course, the hilarious potential for good stories to surface from countless battles.

But about the wound system, the tabletop system would definetly be a huge gripe for many because of how it works. The current wound system is definetly not the best, but it works and it's easy to learn how it goes. I'll put an example: Let's take you have a Goliath ganger (base toughness 4) and you shoot it with a buckshot shotgun (shotgunes have different types of ammo). Your chances of inflincting a wound on a target with toughness 4 with a weapon with strength 2 are abysmal. And in a long campaign you can make your gangers tough as hell. Tough enough so they can shrug off las weapon shots like nothing and even bolter rounds.

If there is something i want they did in order to rebalance the wound system is applied to weapons (also because most weapons in Mordheim felt same-y): Ranged weapons have fixed damage but there are weapons that have more damage than others at the cost of certain penalties and such, while weapons with lower damage have certain benefits.

For example, starter pistols would do from 15-20 damage per shot but they have 1 free reload and +10% hit chance, Las pistols would deal 24-25 damage and never fail an ammo roll, and Bolters would deal 46-52 damage and have a considerable penalties to their ammo rolls. I think it's important to make less powerful weapons more practical with several bonuses (like they tried to do in Mordheim with daggers) in opposed to more powerful weapons that have other drawbacks.

This also ties with other things like how armor will be implemented, but that's another completely different subject.

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What I really, really hope is that they incorporate two things regarding game modes:

  1. A way to play multiplayer in a "private campaign" server mode: that is, campaigns where you and your friends can join and play games whenever you want, while the server keeps track of your wounds, experience, territories, equipment... kind of like if you were playing a campaign on tabletop with your friends. You can invite people, and people can play matches between them whenever they want, but you are not forced to play with strangers or anything. This would be really awesome because it would recreate the tabletop feeling of creating a story with your friends. I can't emphasize how cool it is when you've played 20 matches on a campaign and your gangers each have their personal stories, their grudges, wounds etc... And you also know your buddies' gangers by name!

  2. If they change the ruleset (incorporating HPs or stuff like that) I would pray for a way to play "classic" Necromunda, with rules from the tabletop game. That is, just an implementation of the tabletop game, with all its pros and cons. I don't care if you can "see" all hidden miniatures (which was an obvious drawback of playing with miniatures, obviously), the original system worked well.

We don't really know anything yet, but there's two things I can be fairly certain of. They're not going to do a direct conversion of TT. A D6 probability system just isn't going to work here, namely because even if the probability is perfectly implemented players will perceive it as unfair. They're almost definitely going to adapt their old system.

And they definitely won't do both. That would essentially mean designing the mechanics for two different games for one game. It simply would not be a cost effective plan.

So now we know from that there's going to be at least some kind of regular challenge (I assume story driven campaign), Conquest Mode, and competitive multiplayer.

Conquest Mode definitely indicates territory control. A positive development for sure in my opinion.
The next question is if Conquest Mode will have more mission types than territory control, what systems will be in place, etc. Many more questions.

It definitely indicates that there will be a campaign map similar to Mordhiem, and that it should be more interactive, with places you fight for control of. Can't have Conquest without persistent territories. Now the question is how it will work, how close to the mark we got, and less importantly if they considered any of the ideas discussed for feasibility.

I know you have to please every customers and also constraints with business objectives.. Just my opinion, i don t care about campaign, if i wanna challenge i ll play to chess or go, there s no need to implement an IA which will be, for me, a lack of work in the multiplayer modes...