Things that we like and don't like.

I like the looks. I find the steering response is slow. My friends and I do real off-roading so I can relate. I find that some of the vehicles are too slow and not realistic. I take down trees with my atv yet alone my jeep. Lol. The map view scrolls way too fast and setting waypoints is frustrating. We should be able to choose a suggested way or create a way. I know you guys put years into this however, it seems rushed. Allot of key things are missing. Graphics aren't as good as the hype. It's not fluent. When i go into a small lake with my jeep the wave moves the whole lake and not just the water immediately surrounding me. Maybe that's a hardware issue but thought I'd mention it. I don't really get the point of the game. I've opened up most of my map and unlocked all my trucks. I'm getting bored. I want to go back out in my

Another thing that needs fixing is the camera angles. There should be a way of choosing a center spot from rear looking forward camera angle and lock it.

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Steering is to slow? Dont forget the how old the vehicles are and all the mud. (Not every car has hydraulic steeering or Servos.) I like the game this way.

The Game is a SandBox for Modding like Fallout but with less people working on it.

Ohh yeah the Camera ^^ is way to easy to control via mouse. But on a Center cam I agree. (but why rear view? parking? I would love me some mirrors and a lil bit more headmovement as driver.)

Some great points. I also corrected my wording for camera view. I meant from rear looking forward 🙂

Just wait for the community to migrate some mods to this new version. I can tell you that when I first got the game, I spent weeks hauling logs around the maps, but after a short time, it became way too easy because I discovered all the good routes and roads to take. But once I got into the mods, especially some of the great maps people made, just offroading in some really well made vehicles on some unbelievably challenging maps become my sole playing style on this game. Once you try it, you won't go back 🙂

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steering is slow, drive at top speed on tarmac, stay in the correct lane and do not hit any barriers, you'll have one hard time in the C,D,E and K class vehicles. they can easily get around the corner its just the steering is too slow for you to straighten up in time or change directions fast enough. a steering sensitivity adjuster stetting is what we need.

@shmag stop complaining so much..

I don't like beets. They basically taste like dirt - I'm not sure why anybody likes them.

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@madi Please don't try and ask people to not express their opinions here, especially helpful ones like the ones Shmag is expressing. The forum is for everyone to talk about our games, both negatively and positively.

Recently purchased this game on PS4 and enjoying it, would it be possible to update the map features?

The scrolling is extremely quick/jerky making it difficult o place accurate nodes.

Can the selection cursor for placing nodes be made larger? A small white dot on a monochrome map is terrible.

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