We need the console updates A.S.A.P. (funny story)

TO be honest using the analog control has bin making me sleepy..a quick funny story..just the other day roll'n around in da mud on the down hill map i found my self dozing off .. When i opened my eyes i was going full speed & i was about 10 meters from the turn .. So i dropped my controller and instinctively grabbed my G29 wheel & turned hard right 😟 nothing happened but i got to see the truck go airborne for a few seconds (F***)lol 😂...so ive decided not to play anymore until we get wheel support so i won't get bored with the game...until then i guss ill go back to farming sim 17 for a wile just to keep mudrunner fresh .

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lol u just rekt focus with giants software

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Hi, as announced in the last PC update, console wheel support is coming in an update next week 🙂

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