HELP - 3ds max ?'s

i really would like to do some modding/mapping of my own.. i have been studying the modding guide (pdf-10/30/17) and it is very in depth. And appears to be within my limited computer knowledge.
.....the big question is - i don't have $3000 for 3ds max, What Can I Do???
i've been to a lot of [torrent] sites, and No Dice. I've Googled the heck out of this question, with No solid results. Can anyone help me?
i hope the i'm not crossing any lines by asking this question, but it seems that i have a brick wall.. Gratefully awaiting your feedback......

I have zero knowledge on Mudrunner modding, but Blender is a free 3D modeling software, better than 3DS Max in my opinion and you can find a lot of tutorials from YouTube.

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thank you Rohirm, i will check this option out right now. again TY

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Opps, I forgot to give you the link to Max. Sorry

3ds Max Student Version

Free, just fudge the "educational institution" field when it asks, no verification required. 🙂

Mr. 420,____ thank you for the link!______ it is installing right now.
the modding instructions are for the 2012 ver. i took the 2016 ver. no 2012 offered. this in itself looks to have an immense learning curve. i have a very solid grasp on Adobe illustrator & photoshop. so i hope that it won't be out of my league.

again, THANK YOU ALL for the feedback! hopefully you'll see my first mod in the workshop, soon.
ps. this forum is awesome, almost No Bitching(about nothing that even matters)..

@rufus-johns, I think 3ds Maxis easier myself. I tried Blender and it seemed harder to figure out right off, for me anyway. I have some decent Max tuts on my YT page if ya wanna check em out.

NP, and yes 3DSMax has a steep learning curve but YouTube is full of tutorials for all kinds of different stuff. I should have started out with the basics before jumping into mods with both feet, then built on that entry-level knowledge...
Despite having watched your IK tutorial, apparently I missed something... Subbed now tho! 🙂

@mexican_420, What are you trying to do? That tutorial is just for the springs/shocks.

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@mexican_420, What are you trying to do? That tutorial is just for the springs/shocks.

i'm just a "gotta figure it out" person, and i really enjoy ST/MR. trucks and maps are what i'd like to eventually get figured out, just kinda bring the MR experience full circle. i will be watching your videos, after dinner and such.
i'll be sure to let you all know how it is going. it's also real nice to know that if i get in a pickle, you guys are here to help out.
as always great feedback... Thank You

I'm actually working on a map, just pointing out that I didn't sub your YT channel the other day when I watched that tutorial... 🙂

@mexican_420, Oh ok. I thought you were doing mods.

If you and @rufus-johns wants, I have the truck models from the leaked version of ST from a while back that I can import into Max for ya'll. It'll help you to see how the trucks are weighted with the skin modifier. It helped me a lot to know what to do. If ya'll want them, let me know and I'll re-install Max 2012 because that's the only version that will work.

I don't know nearly enough about 3DSMax yet to get too far with a mod...
Map editor seems relatively easy to maneuver through in comparison, so I'm giving it a shot first.

TY for the offer! i could only get 2016 max, they don't offer the 2012 anymore. if i could use that i'd love to try your mod out. the maps are less complicated from what i'm reading in the thread . would that be a better jumping off point in your opion?
no matter, i truly appreciate the help. are you guy's here in the USA?

@rufus, I'm not saying to give you 2012, I'm giving you the models I import into 2012 so you can see how they're setup with the skin modifier.

It's really up to you with what you wanna do. Maps would probably be easier if that's what ya wanna do.

Oh and, if you're new to Max, you should go for 2018. It's better than 2016. It has newer options and works better and you might as well start with the newest version..

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hi i understood the offer . i just wasn't sure if the 2016 is compatible with items made in the 2012 ver.
i'll jump on autodesk and see if i can change the ver. of the Max i received. i got it through the student plan.
does the mapping process use the 3d max software?
oh i love the shifter mod, (that's you?)

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yes, the mapping works in all versions. Yes, you can still get 2018. 2018 has a better mapping option. Hmm, when packing UV's. It's new and works great. They changed the icons but since you're new to it, you should be fine. And again it's better than 2016.

oh and no, the rose shifter is not mine. I made the skull and T-handle.

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screw the rose, the h pattern skull, and it smiles in cc

Yah, it's a happy skull. lol 🙂

@tattoo I'm waiting on a nice 8 ball or something more clean.

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