For me i just went to 'Config' in the Spintires Directory and entered the <MediaPath Path="Media" /> in there above the Zip Path , then backed out created a Media Folder in the directory , And just install maps like i did with the original Spintires game , Simple Drag and Drop.....But you cant play multiplayer that way , But i dont play much MP anyway so it works for me.

@smaronenine 0_1514263319990_mudrunner.jpg i put <MediaPath Path="Media"/> in above the zip backed out and saved and there was no media file show up in the Directory i guess i did something wrong

@motohead74 you have to create the media folder. unless you are using JSGME

@kent_bobo i made a media folder also no luck and i just found goats trail guess what 4 folders if the modders make two level folders the mods work great but if they make 4 folders i cant get them to work

looks like you did it correctly though.....this is what mine looks like.

alt text

alt text

@smaronenine i started all over and it worked this time thx for the help everybody i only been messing with computers for about a year now so its a learning process for me with out you all helpin i wood b lost

looks like a lot of fun man

Really whipping out these quick. More challening than County Trails or just different?

Hope to be more challenging , still got a ways to go with this one gonna be a bigger map the oxford.

no sure how i have missed so much, but it is all looking good. you fellas make a heck of a combination. curiously awaiting to see what you have planned for the future.

4 body colors! 2 solids and 2 with black roofs (8 cars total gonna also have rusty dated looks).......Coming Soon!......Yes cars are my thing just as much as the trucks and deserve just as much love as the trucks and they will get that love in my workshop.



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I also have a healthy obsession with classic muscle but I gotta say I'm not digging the jacked up 4WD incarnations.
I realize it's about the only way to make em practical to use in Mudrunner too, so it is what it is 🙂

@mexican_420 Im a hardcore through and through chevy 4life fanatic! (classic trucks and cars) but i like about anything pre 90s , Personally i think the lifted cars look sick and they are all over google images for anyone saying it cant or shouldnt be done (not saying you mex anyone in general) h3ll my neighbor has a 69 charger nearly 40 inches off the ground lol , Not to mention its a game and if it has a motor and wheels it can be lifted and we will lift it....'diverse' is my favorite word.

Updated and re-textured original 2 body colors! (solid red n black)
also added 3 new body colors (maroon/red/orange) with vinyl roofs and added window decals.


Youtube Video

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Who are those flex beams by? I recall seeing them on someone's test map.

There Nix's old test map Ramps from Spintires......The picture and video was taken on my personal unreleased map.
(Map will not be released)

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