Insurgency: Sandstorm - Known Issues

Xbox Controller - It was working flawlessly until the other day all of a sudden sprinting just stopped. I've found out when I turn the left stick to the left it sprints but before it was set to Left Stick Click to sprint. When I try binding controls in game they don't stay as I've set them.

An official controller config would be nice. Since It's eventually coming to console.


The screen progressively gets darker until it reaches a point that it's difficult to see almost anything.

The areas it has happened are:

Refinery: The defenders' far left entrance of alpha, behind the sandbags looking outside (2+ times); prone next to the concrete barriers on the defenders' far right side at bravo just in front of the garage/storage building entrance (1 time)

Hideout: 2nd floor defenders' left side of the objective building while looking down the staircase (2 times)

Pattern of occurrence:

When I'm standing still in a single spot and (usually) indoors looking at a well lit, brighter area. Only happens when using holo, red dot, other glass optics. Does not occur when using iron sites.

What's strange is that if this was a built in mechanic simulating the adjustment to the dark or something, that looking outside or at a bright light would make it appear brighter; but it's exactly the opposite. Which makes me think it's some sort of glitch. This started happening to me after the most recent update.


  • Eyewear does not change colours. No matter what colour is chosen for the eyewear, the goggles are transparent only.


The areas it has happened are:

Player appearance tab.

Pattern of occurrence:
Every time I go to the Player appearance tab, I can see only transparent goggles.

I've been having problems with the wrong reloads playing. Particularly when doing a speed reload.


Invisible primary weapon of another player.


How it happened:

The player from the picture switched primary weapon to secondary and got primary invisible.

There were no further issues like this during the match.

I have an issue since the last patch:
When I drop a gun and pickup a new one, parts of the dropped gun are still interferring with my vision. When going to scope it's gone... Seems that som layers of the dropped gun make problems. Had this several times by now, but not always...

Gamma video setting is resetting for me each game after I change it.
Also, gamma changing in game after entering menu, sound cuts at random moments.

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Hi I have problem with mouse lag ( omen by HP 600) game runnig great more than 60 FPS but moving with gun is jamming.

Insurgency Sandstorm has been crashing on me randomly while idling in the clan server and during mid match.

While playing the game the controls stop working I cant move or fire or even exit the game, its as if someone unplugged the mouse and keyboard.

The studdering is worst since the new patch.

@leoc said in Insurgency: Sandstorm - Known Issues:
Hey, recently I've been having a stange bug where I can't unlock new customisation items, I didn't see it on this list so I decided to post it here, it has remained after a restart and occurs everytime I try to unlock a new cosmetic. I've post a screenshot of what happens, pressing the unlock button again does not ahve any affect item0_1545226382664_unlock.PNG

When running a dedicated server, server glitches when changing scenario and everyone insta-dies.

The areas it has happened are:
Every coop map, when loading for the first time

It only happens on the server I run, and am admin on. If I am connected to the server when we change scenario, the server will kill everyone instantly and we'll lose the round. It usually does this for the first two rounds.

If I stay connected, then I'll spawn under the map. Die instantly, respawn under the map, die instantly, until all 5 rounds are over. Then it repeats on the new scenario again.

If I disconnect, other players will spawn just fine and the game resumes normally. I can reconnect safely at this point but the problem will happen again on the next scenario change.

This happened on the Windows dedicated server, so I installed a Linux one and migrated the configs over. This is still happening on the Linux server. So I re-generated config files from scratch; it is still happening on both Linux and Windows. Removing everyone from the admin list also doesn't resolve the issue. If I am connected, all hell breaks loose.

I've seen people being able to shoot others while their guns pointed towards the ground/floor. Is is a potential bug/exploit or a feature ?

(I created another post with the same question, but that was through Steam and I am not sure if it got created or not, hence re-asking the same question here.)

I am unable to play the game in fullscreen, I have tried to change settings, but even if it says fullscreen, it is always launching in borderless fullscreen.

Competitive Mode is broken for me. All of the players left on the opposite team during half time and now the server will not time out. Even when I exit the game it still shows "return to game". Waited a few hours to see if it is still happening and sure enough, it still brings me back into the empty server.

If you use a under barrel smoke launcher it doesn't appear after the weapon in the item list. After you throw a grenade or any item it fixes it self. Hope they fixed soon