changes to make sandstorm more realistic (my opinion)
  1. make guns just a bit less accurate to prolong gun fights
  2. make running/walking/crawling slower to discourage soldiers from strafing and sprinting around during gunfights making the game less realistic (realistically you wouldn't risk you life like that)
  3. If you don't make soldiers slower, consider making them tire out faster. While sprinting long distances make them run out of breath, and slow down
  4. Make soldiers breath harder when sprinting around in heavy armor/ammo carriers
  5. more specific customization options (female ponytail goes through cap/ tattoos)
    That is all I have for now 😛 remember this is just my opinion.

If NWI doesn't slow down the combat I will likely revoke my Pre-Purchase because I enjoy Insurgency for the realism. If I wanted to play Call of Duty I would buy that instead.

@govrin flashbacks to America's Army Proving Grounds

nah fam im more about my far cry 2 rockets

Less accurate guns? No way. More recoil is what they should do.

@govrin +1 for jamming. its a lot more common than everyone thinks, not every soldier has a brand new weapon. magazine springs wear out overtime as well

@qianlimprice I like everything you're saying. Maybe a global "movement multiplier" option, so servers can have a couple options here?

@govrin and @tphilly1911 no, weapons should not jam. In real life, it almost never happens, and it then turns a game of skill into a random number generator. Maybe something like if a machinegun has an entire belt fired, it has a misfire or failure to feed, but again that would be adding realism at the cost of playability and consistency.

Don’t make guns less accurate give hem more weapon sway and recoil