Back stab isn't 1 shot kill for some reason

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I have been able to get knife kills in one hit by aiming at the head regardless of direction they face.

Yeah, I guess I need to quote what I said earlier.

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Insurgency 2 also isn't one shot kill with a knife.
I just had it happen to me when I tried to kill someone from behind. He just turned around and killed me. So I understand it isn't in this one too.

It's supposed to be, but melee in Ins2 can get a little wonky.

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I just back stabbed a marksman who was completely oblivious (wearing heavy armor) and after the hit, he turned around and shot me, meaning it didn't 1 shot kill. Is this a bug? or does the heavy armor prevent it from 1 shotting?

The Heavy Armor does stop the one-shot.

In fact, Sandstorm's melee damage model works just like the bullet damage model. Torso hits are only effective against unarmored targets, but aiming for the opponent's head is an instant kill regardless of what direction you hit him from. It's kind of like the Heroes and Generals melee system where headshots always instakill.

That being said, you can perform a melee charge if you melee attack while sprinting. From what I tested yesterday it seems to one-shot an enemy consistently regardless of where you aim or what armor your enemy has.

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@best-waifu If armor vests can stop bullets, what makes you think your spaghetti arms will puncture it? I get what you're saying; the weapon is useless. As it was in Ins2, what else can they do to "buff" a knife in a gun fight aside from being unrealistic.

well you wouldn't be targeting the vest with a knife you'd go for the neck or something, also stabs are pretty easy to aim on an unsuspecting enemy

@zwenkwiel Headshots with the knife are like, the easiest thing to land lol

Every vest is immune to stabs because kevlar itself is stab resistant. All the plate carriers for types i thru iv armor have kevlar pockets.

Still, why would you stab someone in the vest if you snuck up behind them? I know this is unpopular but I kind of want a knife kill animation like in bf3. Maybe not as long but a quick stab to the side of the neck or down the clavicle.

@thehappybub I kinda want that too but I'm not sure if it really fits SS. A quick one would be pretty cool.

It's stupid that it doesn't do this. If someone is this oblivious, they deserve to be humiliated with a knife kill. Right now, though, you can animation cancel a punch right after stabbing and that will kill light armor. It's funny too because it shows up as having died to a punch.