It hasn't been until seemingly this last week or so that I've noticed a BUNCH of people TK'ing after the start of the round, cause someone killed them before the spawn.

That intro period is to reward people with fast computers and internet connections, by offering them a chance to practice their skills FREE OF REPERCUSSIONS. That's a 15 second window to go crazy and shoot everything that moves. Once the round starts, you work's a fucking mini game people. Stop tk'ing after the start of the round. everyone's scores reset after those 15 seconds. So stop being salty.

/End Rant

-US West Server

I hate the TKing before round start. It is just an incorrect mind set to encourage.

I read some of your other posts on here @Snuffeldjuret . I know you realllllly like to dissect people's words, so let me be perfectly clear.

Perception is reality:

  1. "The man dropped the coin onto the ground"
  2. "The coin fell helplessly from the man's hand to the ground"

The mindset i personally see, is that it lets an individual have an opportunity to practice acquiring targets in a high-stress environment and succeeding in making the kill first, before facing the actual enemy. It does not count against or for score in any way. It, by definition of being a game mechanic, allows people to tune their reflexes in high-stress scenarios, before facing the actual enemy.

Therefore: if you have a negative opinion of it, that's your personal perception, and that becomes your personal reality. You can neither argue for nor against any intended mindset to be encouraged. You can view it as an opportunity to sharpen your skills before the game starts, have a good laugh, and chuckle when your buddy throws a molotov straight down......or you can be salty that a teammate attacked you....and want to exact revenge once the game starts.

You have the power to view things from different perspectives. Make a choice for the positive, if possible.

I'm glad people are reading. Yes I think it is important to express yourself with a fitting accuracy. It all depends on what you are actually saying, sometimes it is totally fine to be vague and other times it is just a waste of the writer and reader's time.

I would argue against the actual need/benefit from such practice. I would also argue for your teammates right to be alive and able to choose what to do, if that is something that person finds constructive maybe practicing moving around, shooting at inanimate objects etc. On top of that we have a potential destructive element of TKing before rounds start, highlighted by your issue where revenge-TKs happen during the actual rounds.

Sure there is personal perception, but we are of the same species. We are unique and our own people, but we are also a lot alike. At the end of the day what matters though is the developers perception, so either way someone has to decide for all of us. I believe the current way isn't the best and honestly I wonder if you think having people in your/the enemy team getting killed early in the round is a preferable situation as well.

Thanks for the constructive response. I feel as though, by making the teamkills pre-round not count against score, the devs were possibly promoting the "shoot at everyone" mentality of say, the PUBG prematch chaos.

If they were to simply make everyone invincible pre-round (as is the case with PUBG), that would fix both issues. Let people practice shooting, while for those who want to explore, they wont be stricken down.

It would also seem that simply making it so that there is no pre-game countdown, and the match starts when everyone has connected and loaded, would be another alternative to fix the teamkilling (pre-round start, post-round start, and the mindset in itself).

-US West Server

I've yet to experience anyone being salty from being killed in the preround lobby. The kind of people that retaliate after the round starts are problematic people in general that will find other ways to be problems anyway. Removing the lobby just to prevent a few tards from being stupid takes away a feature that I think most people find fun.

@lordsiggi I would probably bet money on making everyone invincible pre-round being the best compromise as well. Ideally might be a FFA DM with instant respawns, but I suspect that is not worth the dev time. At least not for now. I honestly would like to add reflect damage the first X seconds after round start also, to discourage irrational revenge kills and other troll-ish behavior. I have yet to see reflect damage have a negative effect during situations where regular team kills is not an actual part of the game.

Not a fan of the teamkilling when the match is starting. Please remove.

@snuffeldjuret I actually REALLY like the idea of reflect damage. If 100% of damage dumped into teammates was instead taken, that'd make for a very fun game, that wouldn't punish the person being targeted, and would actually train the players to be better soldiers, more aware of their surroundings.

-US West Server

Making ppl invincible wouldn't be a bad compromise.