@falcor lmao... what??

@Iyagovos here's some actual flamebaiting, ("ragheads" lolll) maybe I'm not understanding the definition .... ?

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Yah, you're not going get a very good reaction by throwing terms like "ragheads" around. This is NOT a game about Americans killing Arabs, and it never will be.

@falcor said in teams:

Also I should be able to join all American teams.

Do you mean all American players or characters who are all American?

It would be nice to be able to set a preference for side, sometimes I get 3 or 4 games in a row playing one side and want some variety.

@maa_bunny that's a server browser kind of thing though, kind of falls in that QoL category

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@thehappybub Oh totally, it could also be added by the sever region settings for matchmaking.

@falcor This is absolutely not acceptable here. Language like this in the future will get you banned from these forums.