Patch notes?

Are you saying the legacy camera has been improved in American wilds?!!!! I would almost buy it for that! I'm gonna have look at some YouTube vids. Thanks for that info.

No you don't have to buy the DLC to get game changes like that. Those updates are free & you should already have them. Purchasing the DLC merely unlocks the new content. BTW I still prefer the truck-centered cam.

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Why would the patch notes not be on the community forum @Iyagovos?

@branathon Hey there,

As the patch only really applies to PC users, we decided to keep it to a PC-centric platform.

@iyagovos as i expected, its for pc.
So NO changes on consoles with the last update?

@stazco There were minor changes, but I don't have notes on them

@iyagovos clear, thx!
Major or moderate changes are highly welcomed, you know it!)
So dont forget)