MudRunner - American Wilds Editor Beta

Hi everyone!

Today, we’ve launched a small beta that adds the vehicles from the new American Wilds DLC to the editor.

To access this, you simply need to go to the MudRunner - Editor in Tools on Steam, right-click to access Properties, and then select public_beta in the Betas drop-down menu.

We recommend backing up anything you’re working on currently.

As always, please let us know if you encounter any issues, and we hope you enjoy this editions - be sure to share your creations with us!

The MudRunner Team

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I managed getting this to work yesterday. I’m not sure when you added this. But last night about 6pm est i got a patch and all of the new assets were available. After i redid my paths. @Iyagovos

@iyagovos Well this did the trick for me , Everything seems to be working correctly at the moment.

@iyagovos seems everything worked with that beta accept some of the materials/textures/tiles/overlays didn't transfer over only us concrete? is there suppose to be more?

EDIT - seems someone has already did it for us. ---- Soils and overlays with DLC “American Wilds Expansion” v1.0

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