Customizing vehicles

Well, changing tires was a really nice feature, especially with mods. You didn't have 5 different mods back then with all different tires. You just chose the treps, or the boggers or the iroks. Its just personalisation. And changing colours to your liking would be nice, but changing the ride height in game would be awesome. But when I listen to your statement you say that customization in GTA V is also useless and it shouldnt be there 😉

@wrangmog to have preset colors like 3 or 4 would be nice and u could choose before starting map,but in gta u customize and upgrade the car, not downgrade it and also this aint gta

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@zamal but the idea behind it is the same, there are a lot of people who would love change a lot of things, for example. I start a map with a c-class which has offroad tires from default and the skidder, now I'm half way through the mission (one lumber mill filled up) and want to give myself a little challenge by changing the tires and ride height. That ain't possible because my stars where all used and spintires mod isnt available on Xbox (I play on pc but still, you got the point).

Also, I liked to put the ural tires underneath the kraz in the previous spintires, because I like the kraz more, but the ural tires are better looking.

@Eddy17 ok I see where this is heading too. ¿tell me do you also ask in Minecraft forums to add mods to console minecraft? because thats what im thinking from this, another add mods to console topic

there wont be mods in console for just one reason the game would need to modded every time you want to add something, just like gta Sa mods back in 1st gen Xbox and ps2 where the whole game was recoded with the new stuff and only lasted for a couple of plays hours and then it would crash

cant you see to the past of this game and realize that the console game was a way to make extra money out of those who dont have a "game pc"

this game was sold by oovee to saber interactive (Pavel worked here a few years ago lol and quited) because pavel and oovee totally brokethe license and copy rights with other games (red dragon uaz,zil 130 models and other games) and russian brands (uaz,zil,ural,kraz,kirovets,maz and Kamaz) and that was the whole nda thing so they had to pull the lever and sell the game, thats why we have ugly trucks grills now (the Zil 130 being the worst)

imo this game is a sandbox for mods, sure the stock things are good and can give some fun but its like 11hrs of play time and thats it, no more, yeah get a dlc another 3 hours more, make it 6 witht he whole scavenge kiosk but this game is death just like spintires is with no mods then you go get a mod and play this game for another 1000hrs just like, even like that most mod makers out there that do usa cars arent that good with stuff and its the same thing over and over, same feel same idea ...this game is bad invested money in consoles, just like minecraft is


I miss having the option of tires but now i find it useless you know, i rather use one set that have 5 sets and end up with a mod that is only 1 truck 5 addons and 12 sets of tires with the same code again and again and again (and yeah that happened back then with some mods in the workshop) so im kinda happy they took it out

but othe rof the ideas you guys mentioned are kinda intresting and can be done for sure like the whole modular addons for a truck, in fact i can make them fall off when they get hit (but it will lag a bit once you get far away from it because it is still a part of your truck body and colision loading bubble , so it will grow the further away you are and it will keep things loaded in the cache of the game a make it crash after a couple hundred meters)

A moderator should lock this thread since is a another add mods to console rant

Sorry No this is the first time I ever get on any site are web page about game and discussions about them I was wondering all that because I really like the game and if y’all could just make a difference one for the Xbox about mud trucks like would be great so I’m out. Your not hereing from me again

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@forces Amen Brother! The console debate is played out.. and for what a console costs, (i've never checked).. i just looked at the prices, xbox, $300 to $500. PS4 $300 and up.. you're 3/4 of the way to a decent PC. _RUFUS

@forces YES YEs Yes yes yes yes yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes...........