Stop spawn killers

You guys need to stop the spawn killers. They ruin the game, racking up 75 kills a game when everyone else is under 10. They sit outside spawn, rocket, repeat. Non stop. A good example is frandito bandito, that's literally all the guy does. It clears out players, takes all the fun out of the game. Wont support the game if this continues.

If you don´t like the playstyle of some players why don´t you just change the server your playing on ?
With the patch from today there will be many many servers worldwide coming and now you can choose manually on which one you want to play.

Don´t blame the game for the spawnkilling playstlye of few people.

Yeah, spawn-killing needs to be managed. It's pretty much unacceptable. Makes an amazing game frustrating for no good reason.

If you are safe on the coordinates that you respawn the game works as it should. If you get killed on the coordinates that you respawn it would most probably be considered an exploit and be patched by the devs at some point.

When you exit the spawning area on the other hand, there will always be an area where you can get killed after leaving "safe spawning sone". There is no way this can be eliminated if this is the case. You then have to change server as suggested if your enemies are outplaying you and you don't want to learn how to counter and get better at pvp, or you can start preparing for the enemies like you are supposed to. When the enemies are guarding your spawn, they have fought their way there legitimately. They can be countered and you can do the same on their side. Warn your teammates, don't blind rush out of spawn, remember last enemy location, use prefire, prefrag and all the other explosives. I don't understand this problem unless you are killed directly at spawning coordinates, if that is the case you might want to tell on which map this happens and where they shoot at spawn from to help the developers patch up the exploit.

EDIT: It is a game where you are supposed to kill your enemies with the best tactic available, it is only natural to push closer up to spawn if your enemies can't defend themselves properly. If you keep getting killed just outside the spawn area it is probably a sign that your opponents play better than you, one tactic to consider is to communicate with your team and keep 1 or 2 players close to your own spawn and kill the enemies before they push up too close. The element of surprise is a feature that makes the game more challenging. You need to put in a lot of hours to play good in this kind of game. Look up my profile, I have a lot of tips in recent posts that may help you out if you are new=)

EDIT2: I renamed two of my posts with the name TACTICS and TACTICS 2. If you are new to this type of game scroll through my profile after starting on page 1 of my profile by clicking on my usericon in this post. Both posts should be on the first few pages when I write this. Happy gaming.
TL:DR: smokes, prefire, frags, communication, predictions, recon ->explained better in posts. write me a reply if something seems unclear.

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if u know where spawn killer is camping, y u dont throw a nade to kill him?
just stand still if its just explosives only camp
tell ur demolition to use HE to the explosive will dismiss it safely from distance

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If you are new to this type of game and prefer learning by video I recommend Andrea FPS as his tips would help new players:
I would only change tip 18 to no armour which is my playstyle (aggressive/offensive)
EDIT: Tips 20 is very important for new players (Hide and seek)

Youtube Video

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As soon as you spawn, within 5 seconds you are grenade, rocketed, or 40mm grenaded. They are getting in areas where you cannot kill them. They are often getting 50 kills with zero deaths, or 75 with 2 deaths...on packed servers. They are coming past the area where I would get warned and cannot shoot...they are going 100 meters beyond that and wiping out team with pistol.

A good example of one map, is starting as security (map that you must cross bridge to get to A). There is a spot under bridge where they get nonstop kills and cannot be killed. And, he has crossed bridge and killed team. Its every map, this is just an example.

change I should be punished by exiting game, connecting to new game, then realizing its the same server, repeat until im in one where they aren't? If that doesn't work, just play offline? Or maybe another game?

Why not have a vote kick system, neither team wants these guys...neither side can play the game because its one guy killing the entire team within 5 seconds of spawn. You cannot call in arty, theres no time. Eventually they run out of ammo and get killed, but usually they just resupply without issue.

Im not new to this type of game, Ive played every major FPS since battlefield Vietnam. I have a liquid cooled gaming pc, this isn't new.

I found a video below that might describe part of the problem with ingame frandito bandito, streamer name sevrawr187. This seems like the overpowered HE grenades+ being able to damage close to spawn area. But maybe you could clarify even more a few points, though

EDIT: [Game mechanics is the problem, I see no problem with people who plays the game within the game rules. Blaming players is a bit far out.]

a)He kills whole team with pistol. - > You die while standing in spawn zone or outside spawn zone? Spawn zone looks broken this video, but it should be no spawn zone last wave to get a cleanup, so it depends on which round we spectate/play, where edge of spawn zone is defined and if already left spawn zone or not. You should have some cover outside spawn zone, close spawn at least.

b) They stand below bridge sec side and kills team and cannot be killed. -> What do you mean by cannot be killed? They stay hidden below bridge and throw explosives/Underbarrel HE or they shot and you can't react fast enough, don't know his precise spot or?

c) Is it not possible to get to cover on left side spawn security side before bridge, use scopes and throw grenades, smoke bridge, cook grenades etc?

Devs will probably incorporate vote kick like in Ins2 I hope, I think many ppl miss this feature, but kicking someone who is just good at the game would be bad imo, better with matchmaking feature down the line ey.

d) Is this the problem? :
At least this should be considered exploit, yes the whole underbarrel. (1min video below) HE grenades:
The underbarrel HE grenades was OP in Insurgency as well, but removed in competitive fortunately, it takes very low skill and just makes game unbalanced. It seems like this feature is broken in Sandstorm as well.

Youtube Video

DEVS NEED TO FIX: Watch sevrawr187 play Insurgency on youtube, fix exploits, he is your debugger, use his videos to understand where and how maps may be broken i you see it that way.

Youtube Video

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This post is deleted!

No reason to be rude and insulting.
How old are you ?
12 ?

I just posted an alternative way to play the game with less frustration as the new patch offers new servers worldwide which you can manually chose and avoid such players.
Changing the server you play on only costs a few seconds loading time.

There will always be people abusing such places where they cannot be killed but if you offer them possibilities they will enjoy it more.
Such people enjoy the negative emotions they get from spawnkilling.
It´s not worth to waste time on such servers.

Just like it´s not worth the time to write you these lines as insulting people seems to be one of your qualities and you won´t change your attitude.
But in case you might listen to an adults well-intentioned suggestion:
You better learn from your parents and other positive minded adults how to behave ( even in a Forum there are rules ! )

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@slazenger Not the tone for this forum.


No reason to be rude and insulting

There's no reason for you to be an idiot with no standards.

Spawnkilling is a fault of the map more than the actual player doing the spawnkilling.
Many of the spots shown in SevRawr's videos can be addressed in some way, such as explosives IED/C4 not being able to be thrown in the restricted zone (which was patched today). Or from a revised restricted zone that doesn't allow you to be in places that can be exploited.
There are many things that can be done to address this issue, but for you to say such a cuckold-like comment "just quit out and play in a different server bro xD" ....holy crap.

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@slazenger You've already been warned. Stop attacking other members of this forum.

@gsg_9_lightning said in Stop spawn killers:

There will always be people abusing such places where they cannot be killed.

Hi, I very much agree that it can be a good thing to change server if a player is not enjoying himself. It takes a short time to change server, and the reason for playing should be having a good time=)

I would still encourage people to try to stay on a server with tough opponents if the reason for losing the game is player skill and not unbalanced game mechanic - Because learning to play against higher skilled players is the best way to get better. I am not impressed by Frandito Bandito, he is good, I have nothing against him, but he would not be able to kill me like he does in his videos, and if he did, I would learn how to counter all his tactics which would help me in games against others later on.

So the question: Why do you and @mullethead refer to positions on the map where enemies kill you, but can't be killed? I don't understand what you guys mean by this, for me it makes no sense, it should be impossible unless getting killed in spawn zone directly after spawning.

The developers have patched the cheesy direct shots into spawn zone now or?

EDIT: The four videos posted by @Slazenger are all from before the last update and the developers should have fixed some of this, as they may refer to in the change log:

"Map Balance & Fixes
Revised restricted zones across all scenarios."

Fixed various exploits."

Fixed various exploits."

Nov.8 update general:
Nov.8. update change log part 1:
Nov.8. update change log part 2:

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i don´t know such places like@mullethead mentioned.

First of all, I am a Coop player and don´t play versus games so often.

So I only made a few times experience with spawnkillers until today and always decided to change the server.
It was no fun to try to fight somebody ( who is a veteran versus player ) who enjoys killing people who spawned but aren´t under spawn protection any longer.
Those guys know the maps very well and it takes a while to figure out where they hide and how to engage them.

I am not the slowest when it comes to fast aiming and moving and i don´t hesitate in situations where others do, but hunting such people isn´t worth my precious time.
It´s an endless violent spiral and does not give me satisfaction.

And by the way , the best versus game cannot give me that nice, satisfactory feeling of a nice Coop match with friends or even strangers.

The funny thing in this thread is, i get insulted from a 12 year old australian wise guy for my proposal and my personal attitude.

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OK. So you don't know actual places where enemies can't be killed. This is good, as it would have been horrible if that was the case=)

Yes, it takes a lot of time to be skilled in pvp, all pvp players enjoy killing opponents, only the less organized opponents gets killed close to spawn in firefight because they have already lost map control. You are not a "spawn killer" if you guard the exit of your enemies spawn, you are using the most logical tactic. When I played a lot of Ins2 the most fun and balanced games where when both teams camped each others exits when possible - This was due to balanced team in regards to skill - You knew the enemy team was playing smart and with good tactics and therefore it was fun to counter them and fight against them.

If you don't want to guard spawn exit to be a gentleman, this is fine as you must decide your own playstyle. Still a gentleman is often short-lived in a gamemode which centers around effective killing of opponents and it is good that new players learn optimal tactics in pvp as they should never regard killing enemies when leaving spawn as wrong in any way. It is smart and should be used by all teams and players to get balanced and fun gameplay for all. Not using optimal tactics is reducing your own skill development or reducing amount of options that will be needed to successfully win.

@gsg_9_lightning said in Stop spawn killers:

Those guys know the maps very well and it takes a while to figure out where they hide and how to engage them.

Very true. Players need to know all the maps mentally to be good in pvp, if they face skilled opponents. That is the nature of pvp and can be a bit exhausting for new players.

For example I am a fan of starcraft 1 brood war pvp because the top players must think and perform at extreme levels, but the skill ceiling is so high that I will never try to get good in that game. I prefer games like Sandstorm for pvp as it is fairly easy to understand how to get good without needing to perfom 400 action per minute.

EDIT2: I encourage players to learn from this player frandito instead of being annoyed by him, and I believe that overall the game would be more fun for everyone with less explosives available, especially the underbarrel HE grenades, as it is the game mechanics and not player behaviour that should get changes - We can't police artificially created rules of engagements, as the game mechanics should be the only limiting factor in a successful game.

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no, spawn killing is a menace and needs to be fixed.

@gsg_9_lightning said in Stop spawn killers:

Don´t blame the game for the spawnkilling playstlye of few people.

We should absolutely blame the game for allowing people to exploit the spawn mechanics. It's not as simple as "not liking" the playstyle. It's about not being able to play the game because can't leave the spawn area.

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@cyoce He said he only plays coop. Don't expect him to have the slightest understanding of this issue,