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Didnt get much done this week, but the engine is there (not my best engine but it will do cause nobody will see it probably) and I modeled the rear axle, which I'm proud of to be honest XD.
Lots of stuff to do still before I can start modeling the cab and bed. Also need to do some tweaking to the chassis because the rails need to be wider/taller.

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@wrangmog Nice job so far! Do we know what's it gonna be or is it still under NDA 😃

@deathcoreboy1 its gonna be a rally unimog, something simular to these.
FB_IMG_1562801717548.jpg FB_IMG_1562624256260.jpg FB_IMG_1562801760953.jpg FB_IMG_1562801773552.jpg FB_IMG_1562801740546.jpg

UNIMOG! Looks good man, I'm a huge fan of them specially the U1300 swb and lwb
Keep up the awesome work man

Just an other quick update, axles are there. I'm gonna make the springs and other stuff tonight I guess.
Knipsel1.PNG Knipsel.PNG

@wrangmog So you work on the chassis before the actual body? I'm having a hard time unwrapping my Haulmaax suspension and chassis. Takes a lot of space.

@deathcoreboy1 yes, Just like I would do in reallife. That way you can acces the frame better and can you fit the body better in my opinion.

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@wrangmog How much time it takes for you to do the required research about the components and pieces? Because most of the time I'm online trying to figure out which type of suspension is used on the truck or, how exactly do the axles fit with the suspension and so on... I probably spend more time researching than modeling. 😃

@deathcoreboy1 well, we have a Unimog 1300 our self, so that helps a lot. And most of the time I'm making custom 4 links for my mods. So not so much lol. I just take a look at some pictures and just try something and make it work.

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Same here. I'm a stickler for details, and a huge car geek as well, so I want to be both mechanically and dimensionally accurate while also having to work within the limits of the game and other software.
More than a little jelly that you actually have a real Unimog! ❤

I actually go body first then then the frame and suspension then interiors and last the engine... And eye candy

Well, stuff is getting real now, probably the best looking axle setup I've ever done lol. She's 2.45 meters (8.04 feet) wide.
Knipsel1.PNG Knipsel.PNG

Lol mogs use panhards?
Looks really good man, I'm loving the build, one of my favorite trucks in real life

@Forces yeah they do, and when they brake you have a serious problem because its a one link front and rear xd.

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I bet lol
Well technically is a 4 link triangulated that goes from each well to the center torsion bar /axle housing

Those are funny to animate lol

I made one a long time ago, my frame was shaped different tho, the rest was just like yours