Free look request

Allow us to free look please.

This sounds like a stupid minor issue but when running for a flank I'd like to be able to check my own flanks in case anybody is close by or saw me.

It doesn't need to be a huge change. just assign a key to hold while you which to free look and limit it to 200° or so.

This has been requested before, I know... but its such a small feature that I cannot help to wonder if there is an actual decision NOT to put it in for a reason...

Yeah mate I'm with you on this. I've commented on a post about this before. I honestly can't believe it was left out of the first Insurgency. It's almost a must for anyone using bi-pods. If I'm a machine gunner and I'm set up on a wall looking down a street, I hear shots out to my right, I should be able to just look to my right instead of having to pick up my machine gun and turn. Frustrates the hell out of me. Even a terrible game like PUBG has this feature.

Needed indeed. I consider it as a standard feature for fps in 2018 tbh.

I would love this very much. It would be greatly useful when deployed with an MG and while running. Right now I jump and spin to look around while rushing - that could go away, which I am about to suggest. Just make sure that when you click to ADS while in free-look, the gun will go to where you are looking rather than your view going to where your gun was like in Arma. That's stupid.

+1 for freelook! Gib us free look pls!