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And that problem can easily be fixed by making pistols better than hot garbage.

I don't see current pistol damage as being a problem at all, and never said it was. I compared pistols with bolt action rifles when the scope is flipped to the side. Features limiting the player is not regarded as a handicap by everyone, but an interesting challenge that makes the skill ceiling higher - More complexity and the need to think about approaches in new ways.

Here is a reply to you on the same arguments in offset iron sight:

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Wouldn't work. The problem isn't the price in supply points. The problem is that even if really expensive, it would just be too great not to use it. Sandstorm's vanilla unmodified weapons are already beasts and generally easy to control.
Can you imagine a vanilla M14/PKM/G3/Shotty with such an attachment ? Oh boy, would it rip and tear through everybody even from across the map...
Plus, it would encourage lone wolfing, which is quite sad.

Here is my thoughts on pistols:

M16A4 is essentially an OP pistol in single shot with a huge magazine if you look at it that way, very fun weapon to play with, my favourite (though I prefer burst mode). If you want pistols to be viable without making it less realistic, I have no idea how you can do that. Pistols are very weak in reality compared to rifles etc. so as long as there is armour in the game and you choose to shoot center mass they will never be anything more than a secondary if you want to use the most efficient weapon.

On the other hand, even with 3 mags available for your pistol you should be able to kill at least 3 enemies with good aim, after that you can resupply or swap weapon with a fallen enemy if you live long enough. Rinse and repeat.

In any game if your k:d ≥ 1, you are equal or better than the average player concerning gunplay

Like I already said, give it to coop only, problem solved.

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Good point, but honestly I'd still use a bit of an inaccurate backup iron sight than a 3x scope indoors.

Realistically, iron sights, and emergency irons especially, are just too slow for fast short engagements. Often times these end up being natural point of aim engagements - which is really just a fancy way of saying firing the rifle from the shoulder without aiming. Even with normal irons in CQB usually only the front sight is used, as proper sight alignment just takes too damn long, and is usually unnecessary.

Well yeah I can imagine aligning your iron sights isn't very fast.
But the problem is that, firing from the "hip" in insurgency is a lot less controllable, which is understandable, since nobody would take their time to aim, if it was the same. That's why those backup iron sights imo would be a nice solution for this.
Honestly I can't even aim with the laser sight attached firing from the hip.

When I equip a 2x, it feels like I have sniper capabilities to quite a far distance without the disadvantage of getting tunnel vision by using a higher zoomed scope. At the same time as you mention my capabilities of clearing a room goes down, and I would either need to practice hip-fire to a great extent or be careful when approaching cqb objectives. In a pvp firefight some objectives will be better suited with a 2x than other ones, and if I am last man standing or need to approach an objective with cqb, maybe I would need to take into account that I would need to resupply without a scope or outsmart enemies by positioning myself in a way that my 2x will not put me in great disadvantage - Maybe also using a well placed frag or prefire through some walls or at some corners - This challenge makes the experience more thrilling and gives me the awareness that by thinking about my tactics in new ways and practice difficult scenarios gives me room to improve because the game will limit some options by my choice of equipment - During time, I will have preferred loadouts that may vary between maps and is one of the reasons I like games that forces the player to practice their skills and make choices with consequences to viable strategies. This creates incentive for players to choose different loadouts based on maps, personal skill and the role you would like to fill in the specific game you are joining. Games trying to fill a niche will always have players who have not yet found preferred strategies in several situations until it clicks and you get that - Aha, if I did this or that the next time it would have worked out better. The prize paid will always be that it is possible to never find the best strategies for some people and feel like the game mechanics are not optimal - The reward of finding solutions to the challenges created by not making loadouts that works great in all scenarios is a great feature in my opinion.

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