Game Feels Like Optimization Got Worse

I know the CTE shares some assets back and forth with the legit game, or at least I think I do, based on the fact that camos and settings are already defaulted when you boot the CTE, and the CTE was surprisingly small as far as downloads go, so I'm hoping that's the cause of the issues... but it feels like the game went backward.

I'm hoping this stuff gets ironed out when the update actually launches.

Every time I walk through a door on refinery, the walls take a millisecond to load in and I can see through them into the abyss under the map. There are "hot spots" on certain maps that make me lag super hard, however I've only seen this on Team Deathmatch so it could be just players rendering in close to me. On the topic of players, I've seen some weird texture glitches that feel like they result in frame drops.

Anyway, these aren't complaints because I'll still play this game regardless of the direction it goes because I'm a genuine fan, and I'm absolutely not a professional game designer like the NWI team, so I'm not trying to come off like a needy fanboy like so many people do to games like Overwatch. I hope they come off as small bits of (maybe) helpful criticism.

It's actually running better for me on CTE, so I'm not sure what's going on with it

After a bit of tinkering (disabling the memory allocation (or whatever it's called) and getting rid of super sampling) the game runs more stable. I wouldn't say I have more FPS, but it has a more stable FPS and it also seems to be a bit nicer. (possible update for the contrast and brightness settings, maybe saturation, I don't know)
But I'm guessing this is dependent on the HW you have.

Yes same here, the performance on the "Final" version is not perfect but runs way better than CTE..
On certain spots the frame drop is so bad, it is almost like a slideshow.

I'm running the game on GTX1060 6GB, I7 7700HQ and 16G ram.

Ya it’s funny I’m seeing a lot of this but I can’t say it’s any worse in regards to optimization. Hopefully it still only gets better but that sucks for the ones who are noticing a drop...