Exactly 1 year after the new screenshots...

So, what can you show us after 1 year? There must be something, right?

It would be nice to see something, but considering we are past halfway through the year now and not much to see, doubt there'll be a 2019 release.

More concerning, from my point of view, is that months ago they said they hired a community person to handle all this kind of stuff. That they just needed to 'settle in' before going full throttle. I spent the next month or so checking the forum daily, for some silly reason.

Necromunda is easily, no contest, my favorite tabletop experience. I wasn't 110% impressed with the Mordheim port ( I enjoyed it, I think it's a good game and still play it periodically, it's just not completely Mordheim for me. ) so when this was announced I had to control my excitement. Now, I have to control my desire to be frustrated. This is the one chance anyone will do Necromunda justice on the PC anytime in the near future and it feels like we're floating around in limbo. 😞

I hear you, @PlatypusErotica. I'm in the same boat. Necromunda is and was my FAVORITE table-top game, ever. At least we know the game isn't being rushed. Long development times usually work out one of two ways: The game doesn't work, is behind, over-budget, and going to be a disaster, or it is getting lots of goodness baked in with lots of time, love, and testing.

Mordheim is the baseline. I'd be happy with a Necromunda skin of Mordheim. Not ecstatic, but I'd enjoy it. We know they are shooting for well beyond that. It is taking a long time, for sure, and very little communication is beyond frustrating. I'm hopeful that is a good sign. In the meantime, I've got a lot of other life things going on. When Necromunda comes out, I'll obsess about it then.