July 25th Patch

Hello everyone,

We just released a patch with various fixes and improvements. This patch is focused more on fixing things rather than adding new content. However, we do have more content in the works, all of which will be free. You can view our development roadmap here to see the content we have planned over the next 4 months.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where VoIP input would be inaudible to other players and would only transmit a radio beep.
  • Fixed an issue where weapons and ragdolls would get stuck in door frames.
  • Fixed an issue where certain cosmetic items could be missing from the player’s third person mesh after team switching while wearing a gas mask.
  • Fixed an issue where if a player switched to a rocket launcher from a weapon that didn’t have a magazine, then switched back to said weapon, it would show the rocket launcher’s ammo as the magazine type instead of the one it actually supports.
  • Fixed an issue where the 4x SUSAT optic view was clipping through the model.
  • Fixed an issue where if the player had toggle crouch set they would be forced into a standing pose after completing a slide, instead of remaining in crouch.
  • Fixed a rendering issue with the Heavy Armor Heavy Carrier combination.
  • Fixed an issue where the Quick Draw Secondary weapon upgrade was being incorrectly applied to the first equip animation.
  • Fixed an issue where the sprinkler systems on Ministry would not extinguish fire.
  • Fixed an issue where if tapping F to resupply on a supply crate, the ammo information UI would not update automatically, only after performing an ammo check.
  • Fixed a bug where the game mode rules would not show in the pause menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the sleeves on certain cosmetics could clip with the player model.
  • Fixed an issue where players could be disconnected if performing multiple melee attacks on highly stressed servers.

User Experience

  • A party can now join a community server together as a group when a server is joined by the party leader. This mirrors the party functionality for matchmaking games.

Gameplay Improvements

  • Improved sandbag collisions across all maps for better bipod usability.
  • Adjusted Competitive supply costs:
    • Added Suppressors for Uzi and Tariq.
    • Reduced 1911 Suppressor cost to 2.
    • Set all longarm Suppressors to 4 supply.
    • Set all longarm Compensators to 4 supply.
    • Set all longarm Laser Sights to 3 supply.
    • Set all longarm Flash Hiders to 2 supply.
    • Set all 1x/1.5x standalone optics (Kobra, Red Dot, etc) to 2 supply.

Visual Improvements

  • Enemy AI in Coop will now choose more consistent and thematic clothing options rather than fully randomized ones.
  • Updated first person crouch view transition to follow the third person animation better.
  • Added interpolation for the lean amount in online games so that leaning looks smoother when observing another player in first or third person.


  • Ministry
    • Fixed an exploit where players could get on top of the trimming in the lobby.
    • Fixed spawn camping issue at Insurgent spawn on Skirmish.
    • Tweaked planters in the lobby to improve flow between A and B objectives on Firefight.
    • Removed a few planters in the corners of the lobby to avoid players from camping inside them.
    • Improved Security restricted area to fix several spawn camp issues on Firefight.
    • Fixed an issue where the Security vehicle would not spawn on Skirmish.
    • Fixed an issue where the Security supply crate could be seen clipping through certain geometry on Skirmish and Firefight.
    • Fixed an issue where jumping on a specific plant in a corner of the lobby would cause the character to produce looping jump audio.
  • Outskirts
    • Made southwest stairway in collapsed building (Push Insurgents objective D) accessible from the ground.
    • Made stair tower in crane building south of collapsed building accessible for approach to Push Insurgents objective D.
    • Made adjustments to the geometry around Firefight West objective C.
    • Reduced size of Firefight West objective C capture zone.
  • Crossing
    • Fixed an issue where it was possible for the player to enter the bus through unbroken window panes.
  • Precinct
    • Optimized merged actors throughout the map to reduce memory footprint.
    • Fixed several minor lightmap issues throughout the map.

Known Issues

  • Combat goggles glass may be visible through smoke on certain settings.
  • When a client respawns, they have a rare chance to have their player character become desynchronized. This can cause frozen animations, sliding, and falling through the world.
  • If the same level is loaded twice in a row online, the default Soundscape stops working.

Consistently causes CTD on my PC while loading the menu, if menu loads OK, CTD at spawn. Reports sent every time.

My game keeps crashing since the new patch. Fix that or give me my damn money back

Nothing crucial at the AI ​​done. The nonsense thus continues in the previous way.

so, still no fixes for any game breaking bugs

fixing minor problems is great and all, but ignoring the much more severe stuff makes no sense

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idk if its just me but my ping in games is always over 100 after the update

@chaton said in July 25th Patch:

* Set all longarm Flash Hiders to 2 supply.
* Set all 1x/1.5x standalone optics (Kobra, Red Dot, etc) to 2 supply.

I played today on official servers and I can't see this changes applyed.
Flash hiders and collimators still cost 1 supply.
Is it only me?

Hot fix broke the game for me. Funny thing is it fixed it for my brothers PC who's on a 1700X like myself. NWI, get your shit together and test on CTE, it's what it's there for, right now I can't play.

Updated nvidia drivers
reinstalled game
re-verified 3x
get into a match and crash,

Unhandled exception


Hey @albertslund and @Jambo

We're sorry that you've been experiencing this issue.

Can you upload your log file and DxDiag here, please?

@Reinboa What region are you in, please?

@Reinboa Thanks for the info. Can you try to follow the steps below?

(1) Download WinMTR - http://winmtr.net/download-winmtr/
(2) Unzip the file and run the WinMTR.exe file inside it
(3) Set the host as your server's IP address (no port) and hit 'Start'
(4) Continue to play with this running the in the background for at least 20 minutes
(5) When you have finished, stop the trace and export the results to TEXT
(6) Go to www.ipchicken.com and copy your IP address.
(7) Reply to this ticket and attach the results and IP address from step (6)

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