Is this game dead?
Community Manager

Not at all. It's planned for 2018 and the team is in the core of the development process.

It has been over 6 months since its been revealed and we've not heard hide nor hair about it. Can you provide a screen shot to prove it?

Just politely reminding you, 26/03/14 Mordhiem was announced with 3 screen shots of empire, skaven and an oger. 31/10/14 early access announced with additional 4 screen shots. 07/11/14 first teaser arrives. finally released 19/11/15.

They probably just jumped the gun a little on opening these forums since they have nothing to show (yet).

It's very common to start the hype-building early these days, not quite sure why: it seems to lead to mostly complaints from what I see, but maybe there's good business sense in it anyway, any attention being good attention, or some such.

Not ready yet is a better term 🙂
Remember that Rogue Factor is a small company, that doesn't have the powers to promote themselves as AAA companies have.

That being said they have hired a community manager at least, and their twitter account(s) are becoming a bit more active - not a lot, but a bit more.

I have a feeling that we will start seeing more info on the game come December - I'm in contact with them and hope that they'll let me help spread the word 🙂

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