Moments in the Mud

@thombuggy u use Google translate or do u speak 2 languages? I see alot of people on Xbox that have different languages in mudrunner more than any game

my language is german, but i also speak english, polish and a little slovak / czech
and i use google translate for other languages

@Jayson i always find it funny how overwhelming it is for americans (if u are one of course LOL) that people speak 2 or more languages, its pretty common in europe to know english, my little brother speaks perfect english and he is just 10 years of age, learning spelling and grammar now in school, but he has been watching youtube since like 2 so can understand what u tell him, process and give u answer pretty easily i might say 🤣

This is rare to happen but when it does it's such a pain in the butt. I don't get it, the game is programmed to always spawn you a scout, and always spawn you a big truck. Why can't they make it mandatory that at least 1 vehicle with a crane MUST spawn somewhere for you on a map.

I joined a random players online game and look what I got.

  • Bison
  • Bison
  • Skidder
  • F-150
  • Blazer

Seriously? No Western Star, no Freightliner, do these devs have any idea how hard it is trying to load long logs onto a truck with a Skidder?

This has happened on Russian maps as well. I remember joining one game and having nothing but scouts, B-66, I think a B-6A and a couple B-131's. What the hell am I supposed to do with that?

It should be mandatory that all players get at least one vehicle with a crane be it a C-255, Frightliner, K-700, etc. The game should always at least give you something. Never nothing.

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not so much a moment in the mud, but more curiosity in the moment. 4310 nice undercarriage, fairly well detailed imo. 🤔

exhaust clamps, winch line running from rear winch through chassis to the front..... this stuff might not get seen much if even seen at all, but it is nice to see it when you do. 👍🏽

alt text

@8up-local Well, this IS a game, where you have to model properly your vehicles even from bottom

@justinlynch3 said in Moments in the Mud:

Sorry for the off-topic, but they should call it that for the October update! 😱

@Sodoma agreed, but also the vehicles used to not be as detailed. i have an "old" pic of the 4320 undercarriage and a more recent one and the differences are night and day.