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I would like to hear the community's feedback on what kind of map I should make next.
I was thinking of a small dedicated comp crawler course. Super small, super detailed with custom model obstacles. Any ideas on what you want to see?!

I'd love a crawler comp map. Similar to Top Truck Challenge I really enjoy those sort of maps.

@digital-x yea that's what I'm saying!

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Sadly the UK has nothing like that, that I know of. But I'm definitely all for a challenge. Slow and steady wins the race!

If you have any ideas for obstacles I'd be more than happy to collab.

probably the only one here on this, but a nice medium duty trail map that can also do a bit of extreme logging on would be nice.

@digital-x sounds good I'll be in touch buddy!

@8up-local said in Community Map Poll:

probably the only one here on this, but a nice medium duty trail map that can also do a bit of extreme logging on would be nice.

Not true! That's why I'm asking. I just enjoy making what people want I just wanna see what's most popular. That I'll get the best response from. I like logging aswell need a reason to run my f600!

I would say, make something like a offroad park, with a wide main road, some kind of sandpit (little playground with water and 4 or 5 hills leading into a forest), a forest with trails, human made black trails (like an almost vertical concrete wall to test your winch or something like that), little rock, little mud, little water.

That would be the ultimate map for me.

I forgot to say that I ment easy dirt roads with water at some places and black trails beside those trails at the forest.

And for the model makers, some kind of working seesaw would be nice

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@wrangmog I plan on making stuff like a see saw soon

@drgonzo1489 said in Community Map Poll:

I would like to hear the community's feedback on what kind of map I should make next.
I was thinking of a small dedicated comp crawler course. Super small, super detailed with custom model obstacles. Any ideas on what you want to see?!

i vote comp crawler course! lol

@8up-local said in Community Map Poll:

probably the only one here on this, but a nice medium duty trail map that can also do a bit of extreme logging on would be nice.

Sounds like Blackwater Canyon. And yes, another epic extreme logging + medium duty trail map like that would be awesome.

I'm also waiting for an extra large high speed rally type map to go balls-out on with some of Banksy's rigs. Lots of jumps and drifting around corners and such.

But any kind of hardcore straight up trail map is good too.

I don't know. Just make a map. You're a killer map maker. I'm sure it'll end up being fun no matter what it is.

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@mudhappy well thanks bud! This is Cool tho I'm getting some good ideas now keep it up guys, I need to keep this train rolling! Keep the ideas coming!

i would love a comp crawler course.

@mudhappy true and cahaba valley was a pretty good one also.
yes it got delivered. twice lol
alt text

@8up-local so a hardcore logging map? Something not at all friendly to full size trailers? What about a linear style map with objectives clustered and routes forced so roads deteriorate, switchback turns all over the place... washout ditches And the like thrown in lol

@drgonzo1489 full sized trailers? you mean the long log load right? it depends on the situation really. most times a long trailer is better imo. they are more stable and have a more stable trailer connection. the mediums trailers are more of a challenge because of the more unstable connection. med trailers have a pintle hook connection (loose), the long trailer has a (fixed) hinge type connection which is much more stable. figured you might want to know that, if it matters.

hardcore? that is a opinionated question that is hard to answer really. just how hard? it should be very challenging, but not so much that it is a constant truck rescue or turn off from being such a headache. other than that you'd have to do what your doing which is get opinions. the rest is up to you i feel. i always hesitate to tell a map maker to go look at other makers maps to get ideas, but....
anyway, just my opinions, but let the majority rule i say. lol

speaking from my personal experience in off-roading, i have done a bunch of wheeling on areas that at one point in time was logged. now with that being said i enjoy a good logging map, but i only, IRL care to go to the woods for recreation. without having the areas that has been logged in the past, i wouldn't have the trails to wheel on. so if i was capable enough to build a map, especially since this is a logging game, i think i would build one that had logging in mind. id start with a system of logging roads that trucks had to use. IRL any logging company will keep these roads maintained. next there will be roads that reaches the most remote areas of the property that is not accessible by log trucks. these roads will be used for log skidders and occasionally a for a lack of better words a heavily modified log truck, almost always this truck will not be pulling a trailer. after these areas have been logged these access roads will be forgotten about. this is where your local wheelers will come to test the limits of there 4x4's. these areas will have steep hills, exposed rock out croppings, rivers, make shift bridges, deep ruts, water breaks cut into the roads and so on. IMO very few places have ever been designed as off-roading areas that at one point in time has not been logged. so you could have a network of old unused logging roads that would make for some great wheeling trials and the main roads around the perimeter that is still being used to haul logs. this is just my 2 cents on how to make a multi purpose map. you will never please everyone with a map. but what we all need to realize is, we dont go to a hardcore off-road park with a stock 4x4 and expect to be able to run all the trails. we also dont go to a hardcore off-road park with logging equipment and expect to log. we dont go on over-landing trips with hardcore off-road rigs and we don't go on over-landing trips with logging equipment either. and finally lol we sure dont go to a logging site and expect to do any kind of over-landing or hardcore off-roading. all tho it can be done its not ideal. we have to remember to pick the right vehicle for the map we are interested in. im convinced you have the skills to make a top notch map for any occasion you want.... and ill be waiting for it!

Just my 2 cents XD

I enjoy both logging and doing trails in any form of difficulty.
There are a few very good trail maps out and these are more popular to create.

I would like to see a hardcore/extreme logging map, something in the art of:

Blackwater Canyon
Planz extreme logging
Many more awesome logging maps but atm its morning and I'm not awake yet and don't remember more names. 😃

I like the idea of both combined. Like Gabe was mentioning - logging access is how many of the 4x4 trails (at least around here) are established so the two go hand in hand. I've been thinking about this also and made my map capable of both but found it somewhat difficult to balance the challenges. You can log it, but you best find the route with your trail rig first as you'd be in a pickle otherwise. To keep some realism to it maybe make the main logging road washed out or impassible so you have to discover another route that wouldn't be obvious and potentially have to scout and bushwack a little to find it. If you venture off the main access road would you would be into the harder tighter trails and it would be up to you to discover what route is passable with a bigger truck and load. Could maybe make it directional so you can come in one way but have to leave a different way via rock shelf or steep hill with no winch points so they just can't find one route that works and complete the map by duplicating the exact same route till completion. I personally like smaller logging trucks without trailers. You can squeeze them into some difficult zones. Recovering a big truck can be a nuisance so I like using the smaller logging trucks and doing more trips. I find the bigger open roads that are narrow with steep drops to either side kinda played out and boring but that could be just because I've played the shit out the original game and logging just became mundane.

That being said, I'd also like to see full rock crawler courses and something like TTC again would be great. A King of the Hammers course or Rubicon type trail would be fun too. Maybe set paths with Red, Double Black, Black, Blue, Green. Just like a ski or mountain bike resort. Doesn't have to be just rock, could be whatever challenges you like but just make it hard so the first line option isn't getting you anywhere you have to work at each section and try and find your gearing and wheel position but I think you already know how to make it challenging enough. 🙂 I kinda miss the mandatory 1+ hill climbs from the old game and would like to see a few of those pop up again. Something like a hill climb with vert wall maybe. Well dang - there goes all my map ideas!

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