Pressure plates? (Feasibility of such)

Titles basically, I was talking to Gonzo about pressure plates on Steam and wondering would such a thing even be feasible? I only use 3DS Max but not sure if the game engine would be capable of such, or am I reaching out too far here?

I mean by pressure plate, you drive on it, a gate opens etc. Like the blockpost model. There might be something in that xml I can use.

Just thinking outside the box!

I once made a teleferic cabin that only started moving once you fulled with the winch out of a dead zone and it will roll down back to it after you drive off it, but a pressure plate (this isn't minecraft) could be possible, but the amount of cdts and double constraints will be way too much for the game to read the and load them in a good speed (fps drop)
you could try to but it will be a xml puzzle depending of the amount of pieces

If you build a xml for a custom map object like Digital X,the code is hidden in a packed file(e.g. the block post)?
Also how the game react when you add new xml who are not following an actual template,you need to go around the filecheck to make it available in multiplayer?

@Digital-X I'm gonna fab something up I don't think it's nearly as complicated as we were thinking...;)

Sounds good to me, complicated and my brain.. pft Simple is what I like! Be glad to see where it goes.

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