PTS Update 19/10/2020 (10.3)

Hey SnowRunners,

We're back with another PTS update! We hope you've all been enjoying the new content. Thank you so much for the continued feedback as we keep making fixes and tweaks.

Patch Notes

  • Ongoing polishing of Yukon maps
  • Updated model of Krs 58 Bandit
  • Fixed a bug when players were unable to complete 'Reinverting the old mines' contract
  • Disabled blur for packed vehicles
  • Fixed a bug when buildings, that can be disassembled were marked on the minimap after the watchtower is opened
  • Fixed a bug when particles of mud from under the truck were darker than mud on the ground in some locations
  • Fixed a bug when cargo that was left at the production site disappeared after relaunching the title
  • Fixed a bug when The Caterpillars 770G and TH357 were available before the tasks to unlock them are completed
  • The amount of crafted materials is now displayed in the crafting menu
  • Players can now complete truck delivery tasks while the truck is secured in the trailer
  • Fixed a bug when some parts of trucks were twitching if the 'TAA' option of 'Antialiasing' setting was enabled
  • Optimized driving on breakable ice
  • CAT 770G can now be packed in a trailer
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect behavior of packed vehicles in the Azov 42-20 Antarctic body
  • Support option to enable/disable all subscribed mods in the mod browser
  • Fixed a bug when trailer detached from the truck every time the player completed a stage in the task "Telemetry"
  • Supported proper 8-slot trailer capacity display in UI
  • Tweaked unloading zone for "Power Line Maintenance" objective
  • Fixed a bug when players could not find Medium Pipes in the Yukon region to complete the "Factory: Reservoirs" contract
  • Added an option to choose input type for steering wheels

missing some dll files!


BUG: Cannot scroll down to enter garage, this HUGE wasteful menu is slipping under it's own weight.

Both maps in Yukon ~ can enter garage via clicking on it on the map

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Will you have it so you can have the Barmounted Foglights with LED Foglights or Roof Fog Lights with LED Foglights on Azov 42-20 Antarctic

Haven't been able to host a game for the last two updates! It starts to load, then brings up session finished. Please fix asap!

Please add a higher suspension to
Azov 7k10x10
Would mean alot.

Love the game keep up the good work

COOP not loading. CargoLoadCounts tweak on savegame not working.

Medium Pipes seems to be missing.

Reloading of cargo: Now seems to be normal.

I'm feeling kind of smug about having completed all of the tasks and missions in the prior version. I didn't need the update to complete the "Reinventing the Old Mines" contract, I had no problem unloading the cargo in the "Power Line Maintenance" project, and I simply made the Medium Pipes I needed to complete the "Factory: Reservoirs" contract.

Nice to learn I obtained the two new CAT vehicles before I was supposed to 🙂

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@Jellyfoosh said in PTS Update 19/10/2020 (10.3):

Added an option to choose input type for steering wheels

What does that mean and do?

@Unster I think he’s referring to ‘steering wheels’ as in, steering wheel accessories instead of a game controller. not the steering wheels in the trucks in-game.

Just want to say thank you to everyone who plays the PTS and takes a hit for the rest of us by working through/reporting the bugs. Cheers!!

Can you add more quest following when i want to do more than 1 mission at a time ?

Thanks guys, great job as usual!

Could you please take a look on map - still can't see mission objectives on map unless start tracking the mission (before update 10.x it was able to just click on mission description to see/focus objectives on a map without start tracing).


@Jellyfoosh said in PTS Update 19/10/2020 (10.3):

Added an option to choose input type for steering wheels

It's the new option to choose Logitch API for sterreing wheel input. I hope, it's resolve the steering wheel issue for a long time.

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@liszkai Thanks, I was wondering if it could be an improvement for all wheel users, and thus be worth downloading. I have a Thrustmaster wheel. It works, but it has some issues with this game (unresponsive functions menu when using the mouse, camera move buttons only nudge camera left & right rather than move it continuously).

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Multiplayer ingame chat nowhere again.

bandit’s 5 slots sidebed is a glitch i hope?

Just a question, but have they fixed the CAT CT680's suspension yet?

Also, how about a making the guards on the frame behind the saddle along with the winch package on the Freightliner M916A1 removable (as they have collision problems with the sideboard and flatbed semi trailers, especially with raised suspension) and making the ANK MK38 able to change out the add-ons. In the Pedro Bay loading screen the ANK MK38 can be seen hauling a heavy fuel trailer with a high saddle add-on.

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@gbeeTen Same for me, thanks reporting