already hacking up spun's trucks

i see that only a week has passed since Spun's retirement announcement. and there are already modified copies of HIS trucks on the other sites one example : the FJ has had it's xml's changed to a ridiculous configuration .. Not shocked by this behaviour, but heavily disappointed, I would ask anyone considering these hacked-up mods, Please reconsider.. that's all. Rufus

No surprise. Some people have no respect for the time and effort we put into this stuff. I hope they at least have credit to the guy for using his stuff...?

@mexican_420 said in already hacking up spun's trucks:

I hope they at least have credit to the guy for using his stuff...?

Credit was given.

I think "hacked-up" is a bit of a misnomer. He gave a pretty thorough description of what he did to it. Which was nothing that wouldn't take more than 2 minutes to do, or undo. Nothing creative or inventive. Or that makes any changes to the parts of the vehicle that actually took time and effort to make/build. Just some stupid xml tweaks that make it generally shittier to drive. And less realistic overall...for the most part. Nobody in their right mind would choose this weak ass version over the real deal. I looked at it and laughed. What a pathetic joke.

I did download it and install it to compare notes. And it's just as I suspected it would be. Pure crap. Delete delete delete. Empty recycle bin. And laugh some more. Not worth getting bent out of shape over IMO. Pretty damn funny though.

He made the spare TSL weigh as much as a long log. So it bottoms out the rear suspension when you install it. LMAO!!! Seriously? You think that's more realistic? Do you know how much that log weighs IRL? Do you know how much that tire and wheel weigh IRL? I bet all 5 of those wheels and tires don't weigh as much as the log. Fricken hilarious.

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exactly, no common courtesy and no respect. i guess they must think that even though they never bother with asking permission that atleast giving credit is some kind of redemption for their actions, but then again i imagine pretty much anyone who rips others peoples stuff really do not care anyway. as we all know once something is released to the public nothing can really be done about this stuff happening.

best advice? just do not download ripped mod since it only shows some kind of support for people to keep doing it, but as stated before. i really doubt these people care and will continually keep ripping others off. my only question to these people is why? seriously why? is it to have a vehicle more like you want? then fine keep it to yourself why upload to the public with this crap? is it for those people with pirated copies of the game? please, ripping off community made content is one thing, but to undermine and rip off the company selling the game which only will affect us all in the end is not an answer either. basicly it boils down to there is no reason for people to be ripping and uploading other peoples mods (especially workshop content).

on a side note: i am quite surprised Focus does not go after these people hosting free downloads of the game more actively. just do a search and see how many FREE downloads of MudRunner you can find.

Sadly, as a reformed game pirate, if you cut off route A they'll just move on to route B.
This is why I haven't publicly released any of my mods be they trucks or maps.

I've just come to the conclusion anything you share isn't private it's public and they can do with it what they want, it is a bummer wish they wouldn't. But it happens, that being said if tee community just downloads and knows that the legit versions are only available through the authors workshop then just get them there...✌ ✌

@mexican_420 so very true. if there is a way they will always find it.

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