Remove film grain effect during night

As above. During night there is an annoying film grain effect overlaying the whole game.

I think that night is more annoying than difficult. I watch yt gameplays and I cant help but to skip the night parts.

like this?
alt text

just remove or erase the file image (not delete) is all you need to do.
page 2 has a bit more info about removing film grain...
Common Modified files

...or you can just download this mod for it. which is the same thing as above, just more user friendly since the work has been done and all you have to do is replace the file.
Rock3t's remove film grain

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Neat, thanks. I'll just use the mod. I don't anticipate this or any of the other fancy artistic effects being removed any time soon. 😛

@lombra well there is one other part that you might want to remove as well. the lens flare or specks.
alt text

i made a quick zip file of the removed lens flare/specks incase you do not want to remove it yourself. i uploaded it to mediafire. which if you have an account there you will not get ads or anything. however you will get ads if you are not signed in or do not have an account. this is just the one file and copy/replace the original image with this one, the same way as the film grain removal is replaced.
remove lens flare/specks

@8up-local ur og bro helping everybody without hesitation !!

@zamal well, i like to try and help with the things i feel i know about. thanks.

Let the developers release a patch for the consoles, so that in the settings of the game, you can turn it off. Also add the item "Blur Camera"

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