Closed Technical Alpha Sign-ups Re-opened!
This post is deleted!

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@killah This isn't an appropriate tone for this forum, please don't do this again.

@Iyagovos Are you serious? Your comment is kind of ridiculous. You should learn how to handle JOKES.🤗

Make dismemberment in games (seems to be ok).
Forum-member writes damn in a post (Holy shit, this is no accurate behavior).

ROUND 1: Killah wins

@killah It's the tone of the post, please don't yell at us demanding things.

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Will there be gore?

@Jovys HELL, YES there will be dismemberment!! extra loud yelling for @Iyagovos 😂 😂 😂

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Even if I don't get picked for Alpha, I'm geeked for this game. I've been playing since V 0.9 and have loved seeing it evolve. The new engine is going to be excellent and I'm anxious to see what spills out of the modding community.

Keys are out, good luck 🙂

Does the keys are send out in waves? Because I got access to the alpha forum but not yet got the key in my e-mail.

EDIT: Email arrived 20min after my first post everything is ok.

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just got my key cant wait lets go, see u in game boi

Thanx for picking me!

how do you receive the "Insurgency Sandstorm Closed Technical Alpha" tag?

i have install the alpha but when i lunch the update Steam give me a error like ".exe not found"

How i can resolve ?

Got my Key. Registered and waiting to download it tomorrow

TYVM Devs and Team.

hi, tks for choosing me!!
I add the game, but download was only about 129mb?

Do I need to do anything extra to download the alpha version?

Hello guys, i have receive my key but like a fucking noob i have activate the key on my secondary steam account. So i can't have acces to the Alpha and i can't activate second time the key on my primary account. Some one know who i need to contact for resolve this idiot situation ? Maybe for desactivate the first key on my secondary account and receive a new one for my primary account ?

Got the key, but can't download/execute the game, hope this is intended, since the alpha is only starting tomorrow. If not i can file a bug right away. lol

@killah Just watch old vids of Unreal tournament from UT99 to UT 2004 and you can see how the dismemberment worked in those games..pretty cool to watch :). The type of mods like Nali Weapons gore and Chaos Ut were fun as hell 🙂

@arranhs Are there any chances for more keys to be given out at a later date? 😞