@Mr.KKOT Hein hailz from the Netherlands.

nice one spun great to see you still at it ! the best mods !

@spun Close enough to Norway 😉

Those look sick man. You never disappointed with how good your mods are. Hope you keep up the great work in mud runners.

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Is there any time table on when you get these vehicles added into the steam workshop for everyone in the community to use?
Love the mods by the way and as always keep up the great work.

@frontflip-2cool No there isn't. With only getting the new game as of yesterday and converting a few of my mods over it looks as though there will need to be a few minor changes made. The convertor tool did a pretty good job but it is not perfect. So that being said we have a lot of testing to do before any of my mods will be released.

@spun very awesome to hear Spun. will be worth the wait i feel.

Nice work mate, can't wait to test out your mods in Mud-runner.

That Yota looks beast but soo funny seeing those leafs in the rear turn into a U shape

@spun alright no problem man. I can live with playing the stock in game trucks for a while. take your time to make them perfect.

@spun hi spun i like the suv ur working on are u hoping to get that suv in the game and he is a question for u are u playing mudrunner on pc or xbox one

Super pumped to hear you're sticking around, your mods never fail to impress.
I was talking to Banksy on Steam just last night wondering if there was a way to get in touch with you and/or BruteTerror...
Keep up the fantastic work boss, can't wait to see your work hit the Workshop!

Hey @Spun in your latest video, you were talking about changing the resolution to 4k, did you do it in the config XML?

@mr-kkot No. Jay has a way to trick the game in to 4k but it didn't work for me. If you want more info ask him about it cause I can't even remember WTF we did. lol

@Spun Haha, ok. What's his name on the forums?

Are you planning to convert your Jeep Wrangler Unlimited from Spintires? Love that mod, was one of the first ones I ever downloaded for Spintires and it would be a worthwhile addition to the Mudrunner stable as well... 🙂

I am really thinking about dusting off my old gaming rig, it would still run this game lol. Great work, I've seen your vids on a well known red banner site.
Either that, or here is to praying for console mods
Keep up with the awesome creations, high five !