Tattoo - Higher resolution rock textures

@rufus, I guess it wasn't important, huh? lol

Here's the last set of rocks. 10 rocks in all.
Rocks 31 & 40 are open on the bottom.
I hope you can find them useful.

Tattoo's Rock Pack 4


@tattoo -- no had asked a question pertaining to the photoshopping of the banner images..
_i opened up the Champion Spark Plug banner. And i couldn't find any layers? i was looking at a flattened image, hmm.
_ So, instead of looking hard at the issue i immediately jumped on the forum and started typing away a reply looking for information..Dumb ass that i am i had opened a .tga file. _i'm glad i caught it in time before i looked like a total meathead.. 😆 thank you for asking😆 RUFUS

@rufus, Ah man. We've all made mistakes like that. No need to insult yourself like that. lol. It happens. I'm glad ya got it figured out. Let me know if ya need any help with it.

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Thanks for taking the time to organize the russian model pack and the banners look great is allways good to have more assets to work with. 🙂

I made this video for Forces, as you'll hear, but figured I'd share it with everyone as well. I hope it helps. The video lags a bit because my system is older and I need to clean it out but it's gets the point out still.

Youtube Video

Here are the map objects I've made for MudRunner. Some were already released and I just put them all in this one file for convenience. No rocks tho.

I put this map in the archive for easy viewing. Just place everything into the editor folder and you should be able to open the map in the editor.


The box in the middle with Smar's garage sign on it, 4 times, is there to show how the lighting shows when on different sides of a building. You can see how it is different on the side of the building that is opposite to the light source. It's got a nasty shadow in it from the building and there's nothing I can do with it. So if you wanna use it, just know about this lil problem. It's also a little different in game from what ya see in the editor.


All three of the barrels move. You can run them over and/or pick them up with a crane and load them onto a truck. I'm going to make a load for trucks but haven't gotten around to it yet. The first one is the default game barrel that I did first as a test. The other 2, for Smar, was made to exact size. That's why the default barrel is bigger.

Also, the barricade and signs are separate models. I made them all with the same x y coordinates so it's easier to line them up. Just place the barricade first, then copy the coordinates of it and paste that into the editor for the sign. Then just move the sign into position.


The 2 signs, Chevy parking and Stop can both be run over. The sign in the middle can't because each sign is a separate model so you can customize it to your liking.
Place these on the map the same as the barricade by copy/past the coordinates so it lines up perfectly.

Same goes for lining up the Image Frame on the wall. That was to use for screenshots and/or an image of your liking can be placed in it. If you want more than one, you'll have to rename the files of it so they're different.

I made a folder named 'psd' and placed a file named Tat_Wall_Frame_1__d.psd in it to use for editing the image that goes into the frame. The images DO show kind of bright in game so you may have to darken them up some to look good in game since the lighting in this games sucks.


The TireStacks are breakable too as well as the larger white tire. They were made for a race track to help when wiping out so you don't damage your truck so badly. The large white tire has to be stacked manually. When stacking them in game, keep a little space between them by watching the little outlines the editor puts on them. It's best to keep space between them. I found that if they're not spaced, they'll wig out a bit when driving by/near them. The black tires to the right of them are the default game tires that I edited to make look worn. Them don't move and were made to use just like you see, or similar.


Lastly are a few overlays I made. The one is like a curb with a caution texture on it. The other 2 are a firehose I made. 1 is 1.75 inches and the other is 3 inches. I called the firehouse near me and they said 1.75 is standard but it looked a bit small so I made it bigger to show better.

And that's it. The other models are just regular static map objects. I hope you find them useful and if you want to know how I make stuff break, ask and I'll send ya the max file for it.

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Tat You the man, All awesome models cant thank you enough for all the work.

@tattoo thank you Tattoo for sharing!!

Thanks for sharing Tattoo! "Racing feul" should be Racing Fuel though, right?

@picsoul i wasn't sure either.
any 3 cylinder Harley Davidson motorcycle

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@picsoul, Wow, thanks for telling me. No one else noticed that and these have been released in Smars last map too. lol. I'll get it changed right away. Thanks.

@tattoo omg lol , i never noticed that

@smaronenine, Yeah man. lol.

I fixed the spelling and upload a new file. Here's the new file link and the link above has been changed as well. I think everything else is cool.

snip new file uploaded above in original post

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@smaronenine, I also changed the suspension bridge. I took the bolt and plates off the top of the rope and used a pipe instead. I think it looks better now.

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I was just informed that I left 2 stray .xml files in the classes/models folder and they give off errors. I'll re-compress them all and post a new file. If you don't want to download the new one, just delete Tat_Campfire.xml and Tat_Lamppole.xml in the classes/models folder. All the rest should be fine as I don't get errors from any of them here. Sorry for any inconvenience as I was in a rush when putting it together.

Welp, I just cleaned up my pc and re-installed everything including all my games. When I went and put my models in the editor, I got errors from 3 more models. The errors said that it couldn't find the occlusion maps. This is so weird because I didn't get those errors before and don't remember adding occlusion maps to them. So I don't know what the hell happened. Sorry about this.

I added another new file to get rid of the errors. I feel like an idiot because I thought I had them all good. My bad.

File removed. Needs going thru again. sorry

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was noticing these errors as well, thought maybe i was doing something wrong. Thanks for the work man

Thanks for reminding me. I get my pc pretty much reloaded, I just got side-tracked. I'll get done today and re-uploaded even tho the few errors in them are minor. Occlusion map errors don't hurt the model from working. It just doesn't show the shadow around the base of the model.

Just wanted to say thank you for the models. They came in very handy on my map.

I like to use models in some odd ways sometimes so your picnic table oversized, also makes a nice flat bridge. Add some invisible ice on top and it makes a nice slippery flat bridge. 😜

Thanks again, for all the models. 🙂

I hope you don't mind but I've also altered a few to better suit my map.

Made a new banner for the Lumber Mils.

Also made a personalized sign for a friend that likes to take shortcuts. 😜