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I can't wait

I am really excited for it, can't wait to try it in beta.

This is going to be one of the best games made 😄

im really up for this one, probably the only game i'd buy in 2018 🙂

WHOOOOOOO cant waittttt

Hi ppl!
Needles to say i am passionate player for 3 years now.
The, rusi, the reality of adrenaline and true to the real life experience, hooked me on this ride.
And i don't want to get off.. Oh, no way, so, I am waiting the Sandstorm like a gospel.
Hope to play it soon.
Thx once more on the past gaming experience.

Responding to this only to see if it fixes the "I'm not registered to the forms" to sign up for alpha.

Are Devs actives on this forum? just wondering if my suggestion have a chance of getting implemented into the game.

From the first day of playing insurgency i was completely hooked... and now i cant wait to be a part of this!!

@alilolo said in Welcome!:

im really up for this one, probably the only game i'd buy in 2018 🙂

Could be the same for me 🙂

Dr. Ace Misanthrope, Head of Pacific Gaming League and host of Oceanic and International Insurgency seasons and events. Over 1700+ hours in game, although I haven't played in 2 years (imagine what it could have been up to).

I have been focused on other things, although I have been clinging to the hope that Sandstorm will be everything the community hopes it will be. As always though, it won't be a success without the developers and the community working together, collecting feedback and making improvements, so I wanted to get involved and offer my support. Good luck, have fun and happy gaming!

I look forward to this game! I love it! Been playing since it was just a mod and I've gotten friends to try it out.

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@white-people said in Welcome!:

Responding to this only to see if it fixes the "I'm not registered to the forms" to sign up for alpha.

Hi, have you used the same email address in the closed alpha and forum registrations?

itll be great, look forward to it

I cannot wait to test sandstorm !!!

Been pumped for the alpha since the first announcement! Cheers and Happy New Year!

CHOO CHOO! All abroad the Sandstorm hype train!

@netheos really looking forward to the COOP game play

I can't wait to see more

Hi, i play INSURGENCY 2 for a while, 4 years in 1 month...2600 hours played !!!!!
I'm very happy to know that the CLOSED BETA is ready !!

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I really can’t wait!!!! How will I know if there is a beta or something? Do I have to sign up for something to get emails or do I just look at the forums?

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