Holiday Wishes

I'd like to thank the team at SABER & all the community managers for working hard on those patches & updates as promised ... So i kindly ask if possible can we get those console updates for the upcoming HOLIDAYS or even sooner ... please & thank you ... HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO TO ALL ✌

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Hi, thanks for the kind words! We released a first update on consoles (patchnote here) and we plan a bigger bug fix update with a few requested features before the end of the year.

If the holidays you're talking about are Christmas holiday, your wish might come true 🙂 We'll keep you updated about that!

Snow maps for Xmas??? Win!! 😉

Two winches at the same time

Dune buggy with roll cage add on

Santa put me on his lap and said he would hear,
what i want for xmas this year

Working mirrors
Multiplayer sync ( light, sound, secondary vehicles)
Another 3P cam without the hinch
Winter themed map
Tire set up
B130 chains/diff
Mirrors again
360degree work light as add on
More head-turn-radius in 1P
Server refresh rate disabled
Ping drop
Lots more fun
Sorry, but mirrors yet again
World peace and all that, you know....

This is what i wish for, oh dear Santa.
I have been a good boy this year. 😉

Tracked birds eye view...different types of transport missions

@yo-dude steering support & 👍

@yo-dude i like the 360 degree spot light idea 👍

Fix the RPM gauge in cockpit doesn't work when yr in between gears (neutral)

I really like the idea of a snow map or an option for all current & future maps on Console to have an option to play on snow.

@yo-dude They said Multiplayer sync wasn't possible with the current game engine so that probably won't be possible until the next game.

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