Make Quick-Draw Holster a Default Ability or Take off Quick-Draw Holster and Quicken Pistol UnHolstering (Suggestion)

So in INS:S, pistols aren't too effective compared with the pistols in INS, but they have one ability that keep themselves useful at least which is the Quick-Draw Holster. The damage for most of the pistols are too low to be effective enough, but they can be very lethal if you have the Quick-Draw Holster, a fast triggerfinger, and good CQC accuracy.

But I will argue that the Quick-Draw Holster is too good of a gun modification. I find myself equiping that modification as the default.

If you guys remember Gaz's quote about pistols, ***"Switching to your pistol is faster than reloading"***, that was the redeeming trait for pistols in most FPS games. I believe that the Quick-Draw Holster should be either be a default ability or that the Quick-Draw Holster off from the game and just quicken pistol unholstering slightly.

@bluemouse I think its fine. It depends on your playstyle honestly. I barely equip quickdraw because I usually run an AK 74 or something that has a fast reload anyway. I don't really think it needs tweaking. Some people will want quickdraw some won't. It seems pretty balanced.

@thehappybub I agree. The unholstering of a pistol without the Quick-Draw Holster is fast enough.

Just that pistols in INS:S seem less effective than the pistols from INS; maybe the pistols are like that because of the new armor stats, hit registration, and input lag in the game opposed to INS that is well-developed currently. I thought that having the pistols being unholstered faster as a passive ability would help compensate their uneffectiveness in damage and accuracy.

@bluemouse I think they should just look at the pistol caliber damage models again. Personally, I haven't noticed that pistols are like unviable or anything. When I run out of ammo in my mag as last man defending an obj or whatever I still end up getting kills with even a Makarov.

I can't believe that anyone thinks pistols are useless in this game.

Maybe in the wrong hands they are lol

Are you aware of the Bug that the quick draw holster has a quicker drawing animation but actually does not allow you to fire until the same time that it would take to take out a pistol normally currently? It's all in your head XD

@bluemouse Compared to Ins2014, SS pistols are probably better overall. They're actually comparable to the Ins2014 pistols loaded with AP firing against Heavy Armor. However, the damage model for .45 ACP AP was switched with 9mm AP (which makes sense; .45 ACP was actually weaker than 9mm if both had AP). .45 ACP pistols kill in two shots regardless of armor and 9x19 and 9x18 pistols kill in three torso shots on a target with Heavy Armor.

However, for some reason the L106A1 two-shots heavy armor too at CQB which makes zero sense.

I went into more depth about Insurgent pistols vs Security pistols in this thread.

I like it the way it is. One could ask if this is the same situation with the AP ammo. Why isnt it default? There is no need to have a choice why not give us the quick draw holster as default. But then why have any loadout points at all? need to have game mechanics.

The QuickDraw holster is also insanely useful, and making it default would make it seem kind of unrealistic. A kind of speed holster makes sense as a buyable upgrade.

Also, I think the idea of the QuickDraw holster came from the SERNIX and 35 Angry Bots servers lol.

@sawcoach I didn't say "pistols are useless". I said "pistols aren't too effective".

They are effective from my personal playstyle, but I find myself emptying and reloading more than having a few more rounds left; this is a frequent situation in CQC distances. I'm not emptying pistols against enemies in medium distance nor missing a lot of rounds against the player in a close distance. Pistols are easy to use for me, but the damage is very low and the fact that everyone's running heavy armor most of the time (more effective than heavy armor compared with INS) makes pistols less effective.

I'm not suggesting that pistols should get higher damage or higher accuracy. I believe those two traits are fine enough, but not too effective. To compensate those two traits is to let pistols unholster themselves sligthly quicker, with Quick-Draw Holster applied defaultly not as a modification, or take off Quick-Draw Holster (since it's acting like a default modification like compensator and long barrel) and slgithly increase the speed of unholstering.

@ryuk47 I'm not aware of that bug. I usually take out my pistol when I'm cornered or ran out of ammo in a hot area, but with no enemies nearby so I don't panickally start clicking during the unholstering animation.

@marksmanmax Yeah, I agree with you. The pistols back in INS were effective because of the option of AP rounds, so the pistols in INS:S aren't in comparison.

You make a good point to keep the Quick-Draw Holster seperate. The analogy that @Max80 made can be applied to AP rounds, and I find that ridiculous. But it's not the exactly a mirror comparison since AP rounds pretains to damage against armored players than the speed of unholstering pistols with its damage and accuracy unchanged, so I don't fully agree.

I've seen your post going in depth with all pistols, very intuitive and analytical. I agree with you on almost all of them since I've been in a numerious amount of situations where I find myself using my pistol from both sides.

For the iron sights part where their suppressors are an obstacle for the Hi-Power and the M1911, imo they should stay as passive/physical downside for using a suppressor for the Insurgent faction's pistols. I remember that the Makarov from INS has its sights obscured too, but it's not much of a problem for me personally.

For the availability for extended magazines, as a long-time INS player, I believe that the extended magazines modification should only be available for Makarov, Tariq, and M1911/M45A1 for all game modes and have the rest have the extended magazine mod only for Co-Op. All of those pistols have a low ammo count in their magazines, so it's sensible to give them the modification to increase ammo in each magazine. The extended magazine for the GLOCK-17 is so ridiculous.

I myself like to keep my own suggestions easy to implement, change, or add/remove for whatever current rules/patches/bugs that exist for developers to take advantage over quickly and that I'm not so analytical myself.

@max80 Great analogy, but it's not a mirror comparison.

I don't want pistols to get increased damage, I suggest that pistols can be unholstered quicker so that their effectiveness and their use between players may increase so more people can depend on pistols more.

@bluemouse Yeah, for pistol Extended mags, I think I said to make the ones for the Glock 17, L106A1, and maybe the Hi-Power (although the damage isn't too good so IMO Hi-Power's 20 rounds can stay) Coop-only. I have to agree with 33 rounds in a pistol being insanely OP in PvP, and even 20 rounds in the L106A1 is disgusting since it two-shots Heavy Armor at close range now.