Latest works in progress, models!

The builders were not very good, and left a terrible mess at my house.. Cannot get the staff these days!

Quite pleased with these models, trying to make the game feel more full, and alive.

alt text

nice work! Got some cool items

not bad. one question, what are they leaning against? looks like it could be stone walls or hay bales? will figure stone walls replacing the fences?

They're meant to be stone/concrete walls. But having difficulty getting the textures right. It's stretched when it reads the png from the texture folder. Hence thin, stretched, faces on objects look really squashed.

Still all need UV Uwrapping but I cannot figure that out yet.

The fences I still use. Will be making a metal gate too, if possible one that swings open using a Dynamic variable in the xml like the single logs rolls on the ground, but vertical attached to a Static cylinder shape. Like a hinge.

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@digital-x yeah there are a few things i have found that usually will stretch the image like that. quick fix of making the image a bit squished (if that makes sense) so that when it get stretched when applied it ends up looking normal. although i do not think this is the correct fix, it should work in a pinch.

How do I do that fix? I tried UV Unwrapping but its a bit much for me at the moment.

I dont know what I need to select etc.

What do you use as model program??

I use 3DS Max. Some models look fine, it's mainly the circular rocks that seem to have their texture "fall" into a pinpoint. The pallets and tubes are fine however.

Did you ad a uv mapping and a uv unwrapping to the model in 3ds max??

I don't know a thing about UV Wrapping, I think that's the issue.

This is as far as I got last night:

alt text

You should unwrap the rock, not the cdt. The cdt wont be visible, the rock is. After you have added the unwrapping, reset xform, etc. and have exported your solid texture as an .DDS, you have to collaps them to the object by right clicking on the list on the right of your screen. Then your model is done for exporting (as far as I know, I don't do models) and when you apply your texture it should be normal. What texture program do you use??

Gotcha on the unwrapping I think. I use, my files in the texture folder are all png, is that an issue? I see Spun/Nix's rock models use tga? But opening those in they seem to have separate areas for each "face" of the rock.

I found didn't handle channels and layers very well with certain image formats...
Track yourself down a copy of Photoshop and grab the Nvidia DDS plugin.

Can not have the plugin? If any version of PS is legitimately free I will have it, but not torrents, thank you.

.TGA works as well, thats what I use but I use substance painter tot create and save the textures

I'll try TGA, I tried unwrapping the UV, I get a red wireframe then I get stuck..

This is only happening with rocks, or long objects so I can live with that. Just to have figure something else out.

Nice work. Doing custom objects is a challenge for sure. I'm just now getting into it myself. I have a lot of work to do to learn UVW unwrapping.

@digital-x I would say, try finding it on YouTube. I can try to explain it, but it is a lot quicker to find tutorials on how to save the textures in 3ds max.
When you really can't find it I will try to explain the things I know but right now I'm really busy with other things, sorry.

yeah i've been slammed the past few days. Every time i try to get around to doing a quick unwrap tut something comes up.

You want to apply a unwrap UVW
0_1517514875927_Unwrap UVW.png

The green line is your seam mark.
This is where the UV will split.

I'm going to post a series of screenshots that should help out some. I can't make a video yet because i'm not on my personal PC. But these should help.

0_1517515733084_Unwrap UVW.png

With the texture applied it will show your UV is stretched or anything.

If your texture shows like this at all your material you apply will not look right.
You want the blocks and number/letters to look even and squared.

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Thanks, ill try and follow it.

My UVWrap is like a green sparkler just slapped on where it's warping too.

I learned a lot from these tutorials, including UVWUnwrapping...

gimp does .dds with a plugin, and is legitimately free.

@mexican_420, They look like some helpful tuts.

For textures, .tga is best when having an alpha channel.

Also, when creating models, it's best to have your system units set to Meters because I found most things, made correctly, were created using meters. It seems to be the standard and when wanting to export for the game, your models don't need to be resized to the correct size. No guess work. Make it to size and export.

You can see how to set up the System Units from the first 30 seconds of my video Here

Setting the sizes is something I didn't do.

I'll try that today thanks. Just been playing bowling and catapults 😉 Took a while for the catapult to work but I am pleased with it.

Have to go shopping but I will post images of them later.

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yeah pins work well man good work 🙂

I'll see if I can do that shuffy, thanks for the texture help btw.

Right, fun time. Please note these textures are placeholders, also models are not finalized, but close.

Catapult, and yes it works well!
alt text

And some skittles and ball. Mass was increased from 200 to 800 so slightly heavier, just seeing what works.
alt text

@digital-x Looks good!
The catapult bases look like they could be relaxed in the UV map to straighten them out a hair.
The side walls top and front could be unwrapped by themselves and flattened out so they are not squished.
The ball, I would try to make a seam around the straightest line and try to pelt map it to see if that would pull it out evenly so you don't get the spiral going to the center.
Pretty cool getting moving objects to interact.

The arms on the skittles could be unwrapped separately too, so they can be flattened.

Just some pointers for the unwrap and texturing.
Let me know if you have any questions on the unwrap.
Hopefully I can do a video tonight when I get home and see if I can touch more on unwrapping.

I'll try and tackle UVWraps over the weekend.

Thanks, moving objects is what I am experimenting with now. I had the idea for a large ferris wheel with moving seats, but it may be a bit much for me atm.

Tried the UVwrap pics you post cherokee, but it's just way beyond me, I need a step by step.

I just do not know what I'm doing.. ugh. I get that far and then no idea.

If I want to make rocks it needs to look, but clicking start this, stop that. I don't know when to do it. I need an auto unwrap but they cost.

alt text

I had the colours and characters nearly done just now. The top point was flat (not warped into pinpoint like before) but I forgot select the whole model.

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