MudRunner vs. SpinTires

@xenorad Oh you mean that old toxicity. I thought you were talking about something else, since you implied the current MR is mired in toxicity. I wouldn't say that. The problem with MR is that it's not the primary focus of the developers and hasn't been for a long time. It's now essentially dead, like the original ST used to be. But thankfully we now have the new ST beta in active development to keep us entertained, at least until MR2 comes out.

Whether MR2 will be worth buying remains to be seen, and yes I have somewhat low confidence after seeing how they neglected MR1. On the other hand they probably figured that whatever effort they put into MR1 now will be wasted and take away from MR2, but I think that's flawed thinking. Inspiring long-term confidence in their customer base is important.

BTW, I loaded up MR today to see how it looks compared to the new ST that I'm used to and have been playing for the past few weeks, and the thing that struck me the most is the mud. Man, it's chunky and kind of ugly in MR. Compare these screenshots from my recent collection:



@unster I think that main difference is rather texture and color saturation, but I have to admit, that MR is quite colorless in general since day 1...
To the point of chunks, I think that they have some functinality, like you have to break them, so they make going through more difficult

@sodoma Yes, the Russian maps in MR could use more color. AW maps on the other hand have more than enough color.

The textures are indeed new in ST, particularly the mud. But it also looks smoother. The mud chunks in MR don't do anything physically. Both games have "soil chunks" in some places that break up as you drive over them, but they're not in these screenshots. The mud is definitely more difficult and realistic in ST.

I don't have anything against MR though it may sound like I do and I have hundreds of hours on it and many pleasant memories, but ST is so much better now other than having fewer trucks & maps, but to me quality is more important than quantity. I'm very pleased to see the game back from the dead. It's kind of ironic that it's MR that's now dead.

@unster i would not say MR is dead exactly, but for sure there has been what seems to be a resurgence for ST because of the updates and activity lately. other than that it just seems like the normal lull in players playing the game to me. you know how like things are slow until an update/dlc happens. which then lots of people play for a bit till the new update/dlc has been out for a bit and loses that "new shine", then the players tend to drop off till the next one. this is excluding those "hardcore" players to the game of course. lol

@8up-local By dead I meant that there won't be any more updates. That's my understanding of the situation with MR. The Old-Timers DLC was the last one, and since patches usually come with DLC's, I was assuming those are dead as well.

Of course we have MR2 coming up, but as far as I know MR1 is done.

gotcha, words, just words. personally i would have used done instead of dead, but same difference. 😆

what am about to say is too far-fetched but we thought mr1 was done after AW dlc and would u look at that we had old timers dlc, maybe mr2 is planned for spring 2020 and we will get another dlc fall 19...

wait.. how do i backtrack

@zamal Well that's part of the core issue with MR. We get new maps and trucks, which is fine, but very little effort is put toward bug fixing, even the bugs that were reported here. And forget things like mud improvements, like in ST. The devs seem to have zero interest in doing that. They'd much rather sell us MR2.

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I figured maybe it's time to update this thread (this forum is pretty dead and could use more postings anyway). Updates for ST beta have slowed considerably. It's been well over a month now. Hopefully it's still being worked on and not abandoned again. Of course MR1 is done, since MR2 is the current project.

The good news is that the mud is improvable in both games by the PC user. See my thread in the mod section if you're interested. So that means I actually still like MR a lot, now maybe even slightly more than ST at least until the next update. I'd say the mud still looks better in ST, but now that the force feedback is fixed in MR, I feel MR has better functionality overall, things like support for USB shifters, cabin view and more good-quality mods. Hopefully we'll see both games keep getting better, though in MR's case it will of course be via MR2.

@Unster ST devs are teasing a new B130 which looks good. I'm no fan of this truck because of how badly behaves in the game, but hey, it's more content, right?. In the other hand, they have teased which looks like a boat or some sort of water transport. But, man, I can't help feeling that somehow, ST has a poor finish. Somewhat like mods, you know? Like it does not have a proper quality control with a clear vision of what is expected from a professional studio. For example, the rain they implemented is awful. I know they are working on it, but clearly, it is far from good enough to be "beta released" IMO. The new textures are good, but I feel like they don't fit together. The Dirt road texture does not look like a trail anymore. It has better color, yes, but the tracks on it are kinda nonsense. The fog has been pushed away, uncovering the limited draw distance of the engine, and so on.

I think, they are either pushing out things too early or their leader is way too inexperienced.

@deathcoreboy1 My bigger concern is that the ST dev team may not have a real game programmer on board and the programmer they do have may be over his head with this project. I'm not saying he is, but after all he's a modder and I'm not sure what other qualifications he has. Time will tell. I think the manager (Zane) is fine but my understanding is that he isn't a coder, so he can only manage and provide vision and at most edit some xml files.

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Any word on if OG Spintires is getting a console release? I'd try it if it came on PS4. They don't really have to worry about shipping and distribution of physical media, they can just adopt the code and sell it over Playstation Store or XBOX Store.

@justinlynch3 No, no word on that. From what I've seen it's a PC game only. I'd imagine they'd have to get it into release form (beyond beta) to even consider porting it to consoles. But this game (both MR and ST) is so much better suited for PC's anyway, given the lack of modding ability on consoles.

@Unster said in MudRunner vs. SpinTires:

@justinlynch3 No, no word on that. From what I've seen it's a PC game only. I'd imagine they'd have to get it into release form (beyond beta) to even consider porting it to consoles. But this game (both MR and ST) is so much better suited for PC's anyway, given the lack of modding ability on consoles.

I get that but hey we all play on what suites our needs.

lol maybe Oovee should pitch it as a indie game, dunno about Microsoft but Sony are suckers for indie games. XD

@justinlynch3 Maybe one day they will, but I'm sure at the moment they're focused on the PC version which is still in dev, hopefully.

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@justinlynch3 Maybe one day they will, but I'm sure at the moment they're focused on the PC version which is still in dev, hopefully.

I'm afraid this is true. I'm totally sure (and I've said it before) that they are pushing out this update to regain customers trust but in the short future, they will find a way to make some money out of the game. Whether its DLCs, console port, ST2, who knows, but they ain't doing it for free. That's for sure.

@deathcoreboy1 Yeah I was wondering how they're funding this project. The updates are free and there may be some new customers that just bought the game because of the beta (I was one of them), but surely that can't be enough funding. I'd be fine with paid DLC's or ST2 if they decide and are capable of going that way.

@Unster Me too. I played it before a long time ago with a friend's account, but I did not own it. I purchased it because of the beta (and the low price), but they'll have to keep it going. I'm also fine with paid DLCs as long as they bring something new to the table. I'm also fine with they jumping on developing ST2 after they polish this one enough.

@deathcoreboy1 Yeah for sure about developing ST2. I also want them to keep developing ST1 and make a good impression on us. And paid DLC's would have to bring something meaningful to be worth purchasing. If years later they want to make ST2 to compete with MR2, then that would be great. But one thing at a time. Let's see if they can bring up the current ST to a level that truly surpasses the current MR.