When playing versus, the lobby should go into votemap after game ends, not kick you back into the menus

So, basically, if you go into a regular versus match in Insurgency, then after the game ends, you will be kicked back into the menu to find a new match.

This is bs, the lobby should continue with the same people and transistion into a votemap. The original Insurgency had it, how did they not include it with this one? It's common sense. It a) allows to keep playing with the same people (especially, if you found an awesome lobby where everyone communicates) b) it makes long gaming sessions smoother, since you do not have the "finding match" downtime.

It's a no-brainer, how have they not included it from day-one?

I think devs prevent performance problems by restarting their multiplay servers after each round.

Well, it makes the experience quite a bit worse, so maybe there should be another way.

I hate when I'm playing, finally find a good team, and then the game ends.

Back to a queue, probably gonna get 7 knuckleheads who don't want to work as a team.

Either have a quick party-up option at the end of the match, or let us stay on the same server.

Community servers have votemap and seem to be OK, I have no idea why that's not the default mode for game end.

@tacplay That really does not matter. If it causes problems, then it is high time to fix it.

The entire "quickplay" seems to be a bad idea. It separates the community, fails to build the community precisely because people can't stay in the same server and keep playing together.

The game should only use a server browser and both official and community servers should be in the same list.

Hey @Peremees
Thanks for sharing this with us, I will send it to the team so they can check if it's possible.
It might be more complicated to add than you might think but I will ask them to have a look at your topic. Have a great day!