Where do i start?

Somewhere between the recurring bugs, optimization, quality of life issues, game mode change decisions, lack of meaningful unlocks, team balancing, map balancing, de-sync, client side smoke and intended features lies all of our fallen player base.

Ok i get you're not a triple a developer... I really do think you guys have something GREAT here. I'm just starting to get impatient. A lot of people have left the game because of the things i'm talking about.

-Why was the security spawn on refinery changed to the point where the ENTIRE TEAM can be killed with a single grenade?

-Why punish someone for leaving a comp game when you can just put a NEW person in instead? in Rainbow six seige if a player leaves simply a new one takes their place. Its seamless.

  • the unlock system itself is rather boring and unbalanced between pvp and pve

-Why can't i join a friends game?

-Why are the teams so unbalanced XD? for team size AND skill.

-WHY CAN'T I Minimize THE GAME??

-Why the sss.. ttt..uutt.ee..rrr..iii..nng.gg?\

-why does the game crash everytime a truck explodes lol

-You can literally be killed by invisible fire

-Why is it SO HARD to pick up guns/grenades

-My comp can't seem to decide if the game is a background application or a game?

-the customization menu breaks sometimes so you can't remove weapon attatchments.

-If you switch weaps to fast you get stuck on a random weapon.


-it doesn't seem like HARDCORE COOP mode gives you anymore points?

-Why are the bolt guns so slow? i could shoot faster when i was 12

-opening doors its a skill on its own lol

-if you shoot/ reload the shotgun too fast the ammo count is wrong

-why no firefight specific maps?

-randomly you will here constant firing with no way to stop it.

-comp is dead for many of the reasons above

  • why don't i get any xp for playing coop for an hour and leaving the game

Still love the game

rant over
Turil out

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Funny thing is that the shotgun ammo count was working perfectly before patch 1.1.1.

@CatNipples I love you too sad cat nipple pizza

Minimizing issue is a problem for most games that are in fullscreen.

I'd suggest that you add invisible fire to the list, but at this point I'm pretty sure that NWI considers invisible fire a feature and not a bug.

@seiden thank you i forgot about that one, and probably others XD

@Turyl Just a few more that have been bugging me as of late. Became more than a few in hindsight lmao

-> Why has the AI been broken since December?

-> Why can't the M24 kill a bot through a door? For that matter, why can't it kill anything?

-> Why has the AI been broken since the Beta?

-> Why do all ARs have the exact same shots to kill?

-> Why has the AI been broken since the Closed Technical Alpha?

-> Why can an unarmored player take a shot from a SCAR-H to the chest and survive?

-> Why was hipfire nerfed to oblivion?

-> Why can you run so fucking fast with low weight?

-> Why are you a glorified tortoise at max weight?

-> Who thought damage reflection was a good fucking idea? not like i don't have the most popular post on this subforum about removing it

-> Why is backcapping not only possible, but an extremely effective strategy?

-> You can still get a second rocket with a manual resupply even if you don't have an ammo carrier. "Fixed" my ass.

-> Why did you take Frenzy, the one gamemode that the AI problems didn't occur in, and give every single bot a fucking molotov?

-> Why does melee charging someone prevent them from using their gun for several seconds?

-> The instant resupply exploit is still in the fucking game even though I reported it three months ago.

-> Why did you fix the movement mechanics in the CTA only to fuck it up again in the Beta?

-> Why are Light and Heavy Armor pointless against 80% of Sandstorm's firearms?

-> Why is the aim-down-sight speed about twice as fast as it was in Ins2014?

-> Why are you constantly adding overpowered/n00b weapons, like the VHS-2, that reward randomly spraying as opposed to aimed shots?

-> No one in Sandstorm uses semi-auto if their weapon has full-auto because it's completely fucking pointless.

-> Helicopters are still easy prey for the AI because NWI didn't change the rotor HP. Doubling the base HP does jack shit when five FAL rounds to the tail motor drops the entire helicopter.

-> NWI used the PUBG-style damage model (arms and legs have drastically reduced damage) instead of the classic Ins2014 model (arms were fatal 95% of the time and legs were typically a two-shot kill).

-> AP and HP were removed to "balance the gunplay" and the current model is shit compared to Ins2014's gunplay model. About 80% of Sandstorm's weapons do basically the same damage and kill in either two or three shots, with and without armor. You need a G3A3 or a shotgun to one-shot a guy wearing a t-shirt.

-> Being fully suppressed means you have nearly twice the recoil for your firearm. Good luck hitting anything.

-> Crouching makes your gun a laser beam instantly.

-> The only weapon that feels like an Ins2 firearm is the SVD (semi-auto and one-shots).

TL;DR NWI took everything good about Insurgency: Standalone, threw it in the trash can, and made a Battlefield game.

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hey @chaton here's 2 lists of problems we would appreciate if you passed on

@Turyl said in Where do i start?:

hey @chaton here's 2 lists of problems we would appreciate if you passed on

I mean, this does basically sum up every issue I have with this game. I think a lot of Ins2 vets would agree with me on this one.

This game has been, and will be broken till its death. Or, till the average player base gets below the current 2K-2500K WORLDWIDE!
There are too many issues to list. But the most annoying are the bugs that have been in this game since it came out. Bots are still in your spawn, people are still falling through the floors, bots still push objectives that have been taken, L.G.M. (Laser Guided Molitovs) still exist, bots accuracy is still that of a major league pitcher with Spider Sense, etc. These issues I've listed here have been in the game since i started. IE: 800hrs and level 413
Its ok fun...till something else comes along. Then ill poof

Yea it's pretty unfortunate.. but also very understandable given the small team

Hey all,

Thanks for this list. I'll pass it on to the team, so they can have a look at it!

@Turyl said in Where do i start?:

-the customization menu breaks sometimes so you can't remove weapon attatchments.

I just thought I'd mention: This bug has actually been the game since last August in the CTA.