Necromunda Latest Information - Valrak's Video

Greetings Gents and Lasses,
We finally have some new information, courtesy of Chapter master Valrak. Please come and take a look, and I'll get an information analysis up on the weekend to help with knowledge gathering.

Chapter Master Valrak - Necromunda Video

I like a lot what i heard and what i've seen. If the images are the placeholder models for the gangers, they look superb. Overall, the images were really nice and if the game is like that running on the Unreal engine, it will definetly look gorgeous.

As well, i'm delighted to know there are much bigger maps. Mordheim maps, despite the fact that everything seemd a thousand miles away, were kinda small. I wonder if maps will all have the same size or there will be smaller/ bigger maps to mix it up a little bit.

The change in the deployment is also something much welcomed from my part. I just hope deployment rules aren't as restrictive as they were in Mordheim and that you can either complete secondary objectives or spend money to have more deployment rules to choose.

What i don't get is the real time move before you find the enemy. Gotta get a good look at that and to the new options available to climb and move to different altitudes and all that. Same goes for enviroment hazards (exploding barrels sound nice, but the underhive has more to offer).

Everything looks very promising and i hope everyone can get a nice look to a few screencaps or a much later dev blog about how much the game has progressed. Keep it up, because you are doing Gork and Mork's work.

@glarghface said in Necromunda Latest Information - Valrak's Video:

What i don't get is the real time move before you find the enemy.

If it's like other games with similar mechanics, you and your opponent move your respective units concurrently. Your units maintain their normal limitations, so once they've performed x amount of actions they must end their turn and you move your next unit. You repeat this until one of your units runs into one of your enemies units, then the game returns to the standard turn-based mechanics you are familiar with.

This typically speeds up the tedium of the early game - for better or for worse.

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