How to make editor use ingame graphic settings?

Regarding the editor, how do i make the editor match the ingame graphic settings? (ie. the desaturation etc)

As it is now, the editor displays no fog or desaturation filters etc. When u go ingame the level looks very different from editor. Makes it harder to visualize the final product.

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@joemama under file menu bar there's some buttons there with clouds in them one is black one is white. One controls the fog layer on off the other controls environment lighting ie day night.

This will give you a much better idea. Hope this helps!

@DrGoNzO1489 Thanks for the reply, i did find those buttons you mentioned. But the graphics are not the same as ingame still.

Ingame there is desaturation and other various post process filters that are applied that don't seem to be available in the editor viewport.

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@joemama Of course not. It is only an editor.
You could try to run eg: reshade and set the it up like the game. No idea if it will work.

What i really miss is a "truck-view". Hard seeing how the terrain looks in the editor.

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