Mudrunner Editor Functions.

Don't know if many of you lot saw, but they recently updated the Editor and it now has Redo and Undo functions as well as something called "Route" But it's showing blank for me. Any ideas? Is it similar to the Overlays?

If route is old I'd be embarrassed, I don't recall coming across that before..

Any ideas on the blank selection?

the route 'tab' i guess has been at the bottom of the folder tree. i tried a while ago to see what it does must not caught my eye because i didn't pursue it. RUFUS
__ps i don't have a blank spot in the right click menu..

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The blank appears to be some kind of "combine 2 things" feature. Or something? I was messing around with it and it placed a route I'd just added directly over a river I'd just added. I'm not sure if it's just supposed to be used as a laying down routes on top of other features thing or whatever. Or if it can be used with other things too? I'll have to play around with it some more...

And yeah, the route thing has always been there. I think I've only seen it used correctly once. IIRC there was an early version of @DrGoNzO1489's Rox Valley that had routes layed down to show you exactly where the trails were. You could only see them by checking the nav map. I remember thinking "that's pretty cool, I wonder how he did that". I also remember seeing different colors for different trails. Which was even cooler. Hopefully he'll chime in here and give us some clues. Or tell me I'm delusional, and that never happened...

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@mudhappy the routes are to make custom challenge maps. The routes on my map were done in Photoshop. Sorry to burst any bubbles....😝

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